Local Government Workers Still Undecided on Salary Strike

Civil servants under the Uganda Local Government Workers Union (ULGWU) are still undecided on their strike which was expected to commence today.

The workers are protesting Government’s failure to meet its promise to enhance their salaries in the new financial year.

The workers in their general meeting held a week ago at Jokers Hotel Kireka voted to lay down their tools on the 7th July 2022 if the government doesn’t respond to their call of increasing on their salaries.

However, yesterday, some of the ULGWU top leadership met with the Minister for Local Government Hon Muruli Mukasa who asked them to call off the planned strike with assurance that their issues were going to be considered by government in the shortest time possible.

“The Minister asked us to call off the strike and wait for the next financial year because it currently has a lot of pressing demands.” said Hassan Mudiba, the ULGWU secretary

“So the strike is still on as the committee awaits to receive the letter from the Minister to forge a way forward. If the contents are not in line with our agreement, we shall have no option but to proceed with our strike.”

Mudiba applauded all the union members for their unity, commitment and team work which they sowed during the period of notice.

Government in 2018, as a way of reducing salary disparities, signed a Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) with various unions of civil servants


This was supposed to be fulfilled in phases until all areas are fully covered to their satisfaction.

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