Customers are important for your business to grow.

You must market your business to attract clients. It used to be a simple matter of choosing between a flyer, a brochure, a postcard, or a classified ad in the local newspaper.

However, in today’s digital age, the options are limitless with online advertising in Africa.

If you want to stand out from your competition and reach out to your clients in Africa, you must advertise your brand.

But, if you’re having trouble deciding where to market your business in Africa, or even what your possibilities are, you’re not alone, and you’ve come to the right place.

Here, you’ll find 11 websites where you can advertise your brand in Africa.

Benefits of advertising your brand online

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from online advertising because it allows you to send relevant, personalized, and timely messages to your customers for a fraction of the expense.

Every day, clever businesses in today’s high-stakes commercial world use the internet to reach their target audience effectively and efficiently.

Here are some benefits of advertising your brand in Africa:

  1. Low cost of operations
  2. Better customer targeting
  3. Global reach
  4. Measurable performance
  5. Instant feedback and trust
  6. Improved customer relationship
  7. Better brand engagement and optimization

To reap the benefits of online advertisement, especially in Africa, engage in online advertising, which includes posting on websites, blogs, and social media platforms.

Below is a list of 11 sites to advertise your brand in Africa.

1. AFRICA TOP FORUM has made it extremely easy for today’s business owners to reach a continental audience in Africa through the many different ways on their websites.

Some of these ways include:

  • Sponsored posts: This is a way to permanently showcase and promote your product or service on their website. All you have to do is send your post to Africa top forum and it will be published.
  • Review posts: Here, Africatopforum’ editors will make an honest review of your business on the site.
  • Banner Ad slot: this is a banner advertisement that will be placed throughout their site.

Advertise with AfricaTop Forum.


Gambling blogger is a blog dedicated to writing and publishing gambling articles and press releases in areas such as sports betting, casino, and lottery in Nigeria and across Africa.  Bettors visit the gambling blog to read and gather tips and tutorials about gambling.

  • Sponsored posts: You write your article or PR for your sports betting or casino platform and publish it permanently on the site.
  • Review posts: The blogger will review your gambling services on his site.
  • Ad slot: The blogger places a banner throughout his site showing your sports betting platform or services.

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Real estate blog 247 is a real estate blog that is visited by real estate enthusiasts. And they have made it easy for business owners in the property industry to reach a wide range of audiences on their website.

  • Sponsored posts: If you need a sponsored post for your property, new product, or service, they’ve got you covered. You can promote your business through a permanent post on their site.
  • Review posts: They will give you an honest review of your property, new product, or service. And they do this with a minimum of 1000 words.
  • Banner Ads: They will display a banner showcasing your property, product, or service all over their website.

Advertise with

4. blogs about anything forex in Africa, from technical sides to forex for beginners. With forex blogger and a growing number of visitors that frequent the blog, you can advertise your forex products, apps, robots, or services to Africans and get favorable response.

  • Sponsored posts: You write your article or press release your forex platform or services and publish it permanently on the blog.
  • Review posts: The blogger will review your forex services on  his site.
  • Ad slot: The blogger will insert your forex advertising anner throughout his site showing your forex adverts

Advertise your forex here


Sports goal provides sports enthusiasts with the latest sports news around Africa and beyond. These include football scores, results & fixtures including premier league.

They can bring your business in front of sports enthusiasts.

Therefore, if your business sells to sports fans, this website is the best option for you.

  • Sponsored posts: They can bring your business in front of sports fans through a permanent sponsored post on their site. Just send your post to them and they will publish it.
  • Review posts: With a minimum of 1000 words, sports goal will provide an honest review of your business to their sports fans across Africa.
  • Banner ad slot: Sports goals will place a banner ad on their site that will be seen by all visitors irrespective of where they visit on the site.

Advertise with


This website provides breaking news to Nigerians. Your brand will be promoted to their devoted readers and visitors around the country.

Do you want to advertise on a Nigerian news website? This is a chance to reach out to Nigerians.

You can advertise through these various mediums:

  • Sponsored posts: Do you need a sponsored article for a product, a service press release, or an upcoming event? This is for a chance to advertise it through a permanent post on the site; you email them your post, and they’ll publish it on
  • Review post: They will write a minimum of 1000-word honest evaluation of your product, service, or anything else you want on the website.
  • Banner Ad slot: This is a website advertising banner that will be placed across the site.

Advertise here.

7. brings about focus on anything cryptocurrency, therefore, carved a niche for cryptocurrency from BTC to USDT. The blog attracts cryptocurrency traders in Africa as they visit the blog for tips and education on the industry. is a good blog to advertise your platform, app, and cryptocurrency services in Africa.

  • Sponsored posts: You write your PR or article for anything blockchain, about your platform and cryptocurrency and publish it permanently on the blog permanently.
  • Review posts: The blogger will review your cryptocurrency services on his Africa-based blog.
  • Ad slot: The blogger places a banner on his blog advertising your crypto platform or services.

Promote your cryptocurrency here.


This site is for those interested in health and beauty tips. They also bring your products and services in front of health nuts through:

  • Sponsored posts: They write a post for your product and showcase it to health enthusiasts.
  • Review posts: They will review your product and showcase it on their site.
  • Ad slot: They will place a banner throughout their site showing your product or service.

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Cokoye is another great website where you can advertise your brand in Africa. It’s a forum that allows users to post on different topics.

Advertising your business on this website is a wise decision because it can bring your business in front of different types of customers.

Visit the site here.


As the name suggests, it’s a technology blog whose main audience is people interested in technology. If you have a technologically based business and you want to get your business in front of people who would do business with you, advertise with this website.

They promote your website through:

  • Sponsored posts: They will post a permanent article about your business on their site that will be shown to their audience.
  • Review posts: They will provide an honest review about your business for all their visitors to see.
  • Ad slots: They will place banner ads throughout their site so visitors don’t miss them.

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Social wider is all about networking with friends and family and sharing ideas with millions of people. To get your brand in front of an African audience, advertise with social wider because it can get people talking about your brand.

Get started here.


This is the list of sites in Africa to promote your brands, advertising your business in today’s digital world is important. To get your business to the point where there’s no place to go but up in Africa through the list of sites above and more, get in touch with AdHang’s team of experts so they can take your business to the next level.

With our 15+ years of digital marketing excellence, AdHang can take your business and place it in front of an African audience.

Get in touch with our experts today.

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