Linturi demands for video evidence in rape case

Meru Senator Mithika Linturi has asked the court to compel the prosecution to furnish him with evidence comprising his photos and videos allegedly taken by witnesses at Maiyani Villas, where he is accused of attempting to rape a woman at the dead of the night.

Through an application filed in court by his lawyer Muthomi Thiankolu, the legislator has also asked to be supplied with the O.B NO 38 abstract of Nanyuki police station dated January 30 2021, where he’d logged an extortion complaint against the complainant in the sexual violence case.

Linturi has further requested to be supplied with witness statements of the complainant at the crime scene dated January 31, 2021.

In the application, the Senator claims failure to supply him should lead to dismissal of the case.

The legislator argues that the sexual assault allegations set out in the charge sheet are an afterthought connived to impose pressure him to drop extortion complaint against the complainant and other prosecution witnesses.

In the written submissions Linturi claim investigations  into the linturi’s extortion complaint against the complainant have been frustrated.

The hearing of the application has been postponed to March 16 2022, after the prosecution through Alice Mathangani told the court that they had not be supplied with the application.

Linturi was on September last year charged at a Nairobi court with attempted rape.

He is accused of slipping into a woman’s hotel room bed and attempting to rape her.

In the charge sheet, Linturi is accused that on January 30, 2021, at around 3am at Maiyan Villas hotel in Nanyuki, he intentionally and unlawfully attempted to rape the 36-old-woman.