Liberia’s Islamic Community Celebrates Shabaan Month

MONROVIA – On Saturday and Sunday, 5th and 6th of March 2022 corresponding with the  2nd and 3rd of the  month of Shabaan 1443 ,  Liberia’s scholars assembled at Ahlu Sunnah Heritage Mosque’s conference hall Gurley Street for an intellectual conference with the topic “The Effort of African Scholars in the  African Continent; specifically Liberia.”

Prior to the Conference, researchers from among the Liberian scholars prepared research documents concerning the agenda of the conference. Despite all, the planned researches were not submitted because of the absence of some of who were charged with the research, the conference received 14 research documents that were well prepared by those who responded.

After two days of listening to the presentations of the researchers, comments and inputs from the participants who numbered 14 participants at the ZOOM platform and 115 physical participants, the conference resolved that:

1.  The conference realized that  Islam motivates for seeking knowledge because of the position of the knowledgeable people, the impact of knowledge in-terms of its ability to reform of the society, the first  verses of the Holy Quran that was revealed to the prophet ( PBUH ) was the work Ikira (which Commandment to read ) and to mention Allah’s favor upon mankind that he taught with the pen, and  because the scholars are the inheritors of the prophets and they are the ones that made the inspiration of Allah to reach across the world over the years.

2. Looking  at the history of Liberia, the members of the conference realized that despite of Liberia being an American Settlement for the freed slaves since two centuries, Liberia Still had  Islamic Scholars that left their great impact and legacies  at before their great impacts and legacies. The modern Actuality testifies that there are Islamic scholars still existing in Liberia protecting the Islamic heritage; those whom majority graduated from Saudi Arabia.

3. The Conference realized that the protection of  the Islamic intellectual heritage which is based on the Quran and Sunnah with the understanding of the righteous predecessors is necessary.

4 The Conference resolved that the necessity of Applying the Sunnah and the eradication of the Bidia ( innovation ) and educating the current generation with that necessity and training the Daaes (preachers) with wise methods in applying the Sunnah without extremism or  negligence.

4. The conference realized that the scholars of Saudi Arabia have done many favors for the African Muslims in general and Liberian Muslims in particular especially in interns of education, intellectual and capacity building. The Mufti of Liberia and his lieutenants along with majority of Liberia’s Scholars from among the imams, orators, and preaches obtained their education on the lap of Saudi Arabia Scholars.

6. The Islamic Educational institutions that are currently on ground were built by the effects of the Islamic scholars of Liberia; therefore, the Conference resolved that those institutions should be taken care of, their educational conditions should be maintained and their original objectives for which they were built should also be maintained as well as to renews only those that are renewable.

8. The conference realized some information about our institutions which discovered that some institutions are affected with weakness in items of the curriculum and syllable, financing, low number of personnel and  some have low Standards; therefore, the conference resolved at the  following:

a.  To establish an annual conference on education in which The schools’ situations can be discussed in order to find solutions to any eventual problems.

B. Unification of the curriculum and syllables in the manner that should not contradict the system of Ahlu sunnel  and educational flexibility ; Due to that, the Basaair text books were approved , and the Aqeeda ( Creed ) book from CDA was also approved to be adopted in our schools.

C. Dual syllable systems in our Liberia’s Muslim schools system is good and beneficial but the conference said that the English curriculum should not overcome and destroy the Arabic and Islamic syllable.

D.  The simplest method to insure the financing of our school system is to apply the endowment system which is to develop farming lands and real estates in order to support our institutions.

8. The conference appreciated the King of Saudi Arabia for his care taken of the Liberian citizen by Brightening and educating them in various universities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Equally so, the conference appreciated the committee of Dawah – Africa (CDA ) and all of her caretakers whose head is Sumoor Al – Amir Bandar Bin Salaam

Finally, the entire imams. During the conference extended the thanks and appreciation to the Government of Liberia because they provide freedom and security in our religious activities

Conference was organized by Supreme Council of Fatwa and the United Umat Dawa’a in collaboration with Union of African scholars and committee of Dawa,a in Africa of Saudi Arabia.

Grand Mufti Sheikh Abubakar Sumaworo was the general supervisor of the conference and  it was presided over by sheikh Mustapha Balde.

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