Liberian Women Rally against ‘Prophet Key’; Call for Support for Amb. Endee

The women groups argue that Prophet Key’s behavior contradicts the cultural values of Liberia, where women, especially mothers, are highly respected and held in high esteem

MONROVIA – Several women’s groups in Liberia have raised their voices in protest against the recognition and courtesy being accorded to the popular Facebook blogger known as ‘Prophet Key’. The blogger, whose real name is Nayapougma Oldpa Yeazeahn, is notorious for his consistent use of abusive and derogatory language towards Liberian women on his social media talk show, World Stage.

The women’s groups argue that Prophet Key’s behavior contradicts the cultural values of Liberia, where women, especially mothers, are highly respected and held in high esteem. They express deep concern over the fact that a man who has repeatedly disrespected womanhood and brought many women to public ridicule is being celebrated in Liberian society.

“To see a man who has repeatedly demonstrated that he has no morals, no respect for women and the elderly being hailed in Liberia is very disheartening. This man should have no place in our society. Anybody who respects womanhood or loves and respects their mother would not extend any privilege to him,” stated a representative of the protesting women’s groups.

The call to action includes rallying behind Ambassador Juli Endee, who has taken legal action against Prophet Key. Ambassador Endee filed charges against Prophet Key, accusing him of criminal coercion, menacing, and disorderly conduct. She alleges that Prophet Key’s actions, including spreading false information about her character on his social media platform, were intended to bring her to public ridicule and shame.

The Citizens United for the Protection of Women’s Integrity (CUPWI), Women on the Move Liftors, Traditional Women, National Rural Women, Muslim Women for Agriculture, COPPWIL Look Up to God Women, Mothers of Liberia, Peace Time Women, Kukatornon Women, and NACCEL Women have all condemned Prophet Key’s unorthodox behavior.

Women representing other groups, including the Traditional Zoes, Liberia Women Mass Action for Peace, TREE, WIPNET, Shining Stars, Culture Bright Stars Musical All Stars, Women United against Violence, Etta Tucker Foundation Aid, Nimba Women, Young Women in Action, and Margibi District 5 Women for Peace, believe that an insult targeted at Madam Endee is also targeted at them. They demand that Prophet Key be dealt with according to the law to serve as a deterrence to others and to end his uncivil behavior that some have hailed him for.

Zoes Unhappy with Prophet Key

In a closed-door meeting with members of the National Council of Chiefs and Elders of Liberia (NCCEL) on Monday, February 5, 2024, traditional women from different parts of Liberia expressed their anger and dissatisfaction with controversial political commentator Nayabougua Olpa Yeazeahn, also known as Prophet Key, for his consistent disrespect and humiliation of Amb. Juli Endee, their Traditional Queen.

The meeting, which lasted for several hours, was held with regret, as the women frowned at how Prophet Key has wrongly utilized his platform to repeatedly attack and malign Amb. Endee.

Ma Watta Fahnbulleh, the Head Zoe of Grand Cape Mount County, noted their disappointment and said an insult targeted at Amb. Endee is also intended for them (Zoes). “All the Zoes, we are not satisfied. That’s why we have not eaten. It’s hard for us, and it’s hurting us. Nobody is supposed to insult that woman. It’s all the Zoes they have insulted.”

As Prophet Key’s action has also been prompted by his interest in the Culture Ambassador post, she disagreed with concerns about the appointment or selection of a new Traditional Queen and said nothing can influence her (Juli) removal from the post/role. “When they change Ma Juli, then they have changed us. She’s not a Zoe, but she’s our Queen. Of all of the Zoes, Juli is our Queen. We are not satisfied with it.

Ma Watta: “When you try that woman, then you have tried us, and we won’t be satisfied with it because we want her to be with us. That’s the person that knows how to hold us good. We are known today because of that woman.” The traditional women expressed concerns over Prophet Key’s disregard for the decency of tradition. They viewed his repeated attacks on Amb. Endee as an affront to their entire community.

Like scores of her other colleagues, Ma. Massah Kandakai, the Head Zoe of Montserrado County, told journalists, “The man is abiding our Traditional Queen, Ma Juli, and that’s what that’s hurting us. When you insult our Queen, you insult us.”

Enraged in anger, Ma. Watta Kamara, the Speaker of the Zoes Council in Lofa County, and member of the Female Traditional Zoes of Liberia expressed her disappointment about the situation and said they would act accordingly. “We are not feeling fine the way our Queen was treated, and all of us. When we talk too much, we will say something.

Prophet Key was recently released on personal recognizance by the Monrovia City Court, with the trial rescheduled for Monday, February 19, 2024. His lawyer pleaded for personal recognizance, citing a section of the criminal procedure law, while the Prosecution emphasized adherence to the writ of arrest issued against him.

Ambassador Endee seeks damages from Prophet Key, including not less than US$5,000,000.00 for general damages, US$300,000.00 in punitive damages, and US$250,000.00 for attorney fees.

The women’s groups are calling on all women of Liberia, especially those who have been victimized by Prophet Key, to come out in large numbers and support Ambassador Endee in her quest for justice.

She complained to the court by Liberia’s cultural ambassador Juli Endee, who informed the court that during one of his podcasts, Prophet Key accused her of having a sexual affair with former president George Weah, and other government officials including Unity Party Secretary-General Amos Tweh, to retain her post.

She further informed the court that he threatened that he would ensure that she never has the opportunity to work in any other government in her lifetime, something that, according to her, places her in fear.

Ambassador Endee added that the defendant did it with the intent and purpose of bringing her to public ridicule and shame, stating that the act of the defendant is criminal, illegal, and unconstitutional.

Amb. Juli Endee has repeatedly clarified that she doesn’t occupy an appointed position, but rather a title that was bestowed upon her by fallen Liberian politician David D. Kpormakpor. More substantively, she clapped at the unsubstantial claims in the public sphere and revealed that she doesn’t have a budget, an office, or staff that can be seen or considered as government appointees in the Culture Ambassador’s office.

Amb. Endee: “Let them do what they have to do, and say what they have to say, talk is cheap. I will continue to serve the people of Liberia. This is a mere title bestowed upon me by David D. Kpormakpor, so that honor that they gave me, I’m going to respect it and continue to promote the image of Liberia through culture and use culture as a medium of communication to promote Liberia.”

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