Liberia: US Ambassador McCarthy Keeping Weah Government’s Feet to the Fire

The Editor,

remember when Ambassador McCarthy went for his confirmation and wowed to fight corruption in Liberia.

He somehow kept his promise. For the first time in the history of Liberia, the Chief of Staff of the President is put under sanctions for corruption. The message was clear. It was the closest a president has come to be sanctioned.

Last week, many of us were surprised when the same ambassador said that he was “ashamed “ by what was coming out of the Liberian diaspora in the US. He made a blanket statement that using the comfort of the US, some Liberians were spreading misinformation and undermining the credibility of state institutions.

If there were any accusations or condemnations of the diaspora, it should have come from the government of Liberia. It’s not the job of the ambassador to check on Liberians and pass judgement. He is there to represent a government not to govern. But he cannot be blamed, when people surrender their “everything“ others will glaflu pick it up.

Every branch of the US government has pointed to corruption in Liberia. Corruption has long lived in Liberia, imported. The government of Liberia has been termed a “kleptocracy.”

The US sanctioned the Chief of Staff of the President, the Solicitor General, the managing director of the port as well as two seating senators.

And just reading today headlines, the government of Liberia is accused of murders by none other than the US government. This is highest crime any government can be accused of but it did not come from the diaspora.

Why would the ambassador then be “ashamed” of “misinformation“from the diaspora?

Media and political people in the diaspora react to events at home. Sometimes they know more about what is going on Broad Street than people in other parts of Monrovia. Those who take up the airwaves to talk about issues do not create facts, they react to what happens at home.

They comment on a budget where money was allocated to a ghost clinic.

They comment of the murder of a young woman in the care of the former Chief Justice.

They comment on a census where numbers don’t add up.

They comment on the attack on students in the confines of their institution by a law maker.

They comment on issues at NEC.

They do not make the news, they react and try to make sense of them.

They do not have any intention to undermine institutions.

All in all, these words of the Ambassador would only make sense if we were circling back to the 1989s, when the US was desperate to keep Liberia during the Cold War under its influence. Or are we?

Indeed, there are opposition members in the diaspora, who take advantage of the freedom of speech and safety of America to vent their angers and frustration at government actions. Itis up to the government to respond to them.

Mo matter how weak Liberia may have become in its governance process, its citizens deserve a bit of respect.

The Ambassador needs not be ashamed, Liberians always find a way to resolve their issues.

Leave the Diaspora alone, there is so much to do on the ground…

Abdoulaye Dukule

[email protected]

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