Liberia: Trickery or Debt? New Details Emerge on Alleged Rent Debt Involving CBL Governor

MONROVIA – FrontPageAfrica has gathered details, unknown before, into a suit by Moisema A. Dorley, alleging the CBL Governor, Aloysius Tarlue has refused to pay the rent for his house in which the Governor lives.

The first publication of the suit for debt which was based on the complaint filed before the court was not informed by the Governor’s side of the story. FrontPageAfrica has now learned that at the time of the lease, Mr. Dorley had in fact intended to sell the three-bedroom house and had asked Governor Tarlue to undertake the renovation of the property after which sale negotiations will begin.

No sooner had the renovation gotten underway, when Mr. Dorley changed his mind to a lease. He requested advanced payment for two years (2018/2019) amounting to US$10,800. Governor Tarlue made the two-year payment.

A massive improvement was undertaken amounting to nearly US$50,000, FrontPageAfrica gathered.

However, when it came to applying the cost of the renovation against the rent, Mr. Dorley had been reluctant, arguing the amount was too huge.

Governor Tarlue agreed to a joint assessment to determine the cost and then apply the determined amount against the rent. In the wake of the pending assessment , Mr Dorley then instituted a suit for debt. Lawyers representing Governor Tarlue say they have in their possession all the receipts, reflecting the cost of the renovation of the property, including the construction of the fence.

The property is located in the Rehab Community of Paynesville, also where President George Manneh Weah, former Vice President Joseph Nyumah Boakai and a host of other senior government officials have their homes.

Plaintiff Dorley, in his complaint to the Debt Court at the Temple of Justice in Monrovia, says that in October 2018, he and Defendant Tarlue entered an agreement for the lease of his four-bedroom house contained in a concrete fence and situated on 1.0 lot of land in Paynesville City.

Further in his charge, he disclosed that Executive Governor Tarlue had made an initial payment of US$5,400 as the first 12-months’ rent payment at the monthly rate of US$450.

He further complains that Mr. Tarlue should have checked out of his property at the end of the lease year on October 31st, 2019, according to their unsigned lease agreement but Defendant Tarlue hasn’t allegedly left his property and hasn’t also made any other payment since that initial payment was made.

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