Liberia: Tragic Accident Leaves 7 Dead, Including 10th Grade Student and A Traffic Police Officer, Several Severely Wounded

Paynesville City – Seven people, including a traffic police officer identified only as ‘Emmanuel Bowieh,’ are reported dead in a fatal car accident that took place at the RLJ Hotel junction on the Robert International Airport Road.

A 10th-grade student of the African Dream Academy named Lucky Smart, an institution operated by District #6 Representative Samuel Enders, also died on the scene.

The student, whose body was unidentified due to severe burns, along with the kehkeh driver, was on his way from school with his older sister, who luckily escaped the accident with minor injuries.

District #6 Representative, Samuel Enders, described the day as terrible for the district and the country.

A source familiar with the deceased student said that Lucky Smart started at the African Dream Academy in kindergarten.

Rep. Enders posted on his Facebook page that they were broken by the untimely passing of Lucky Smart.

Stated Rep. Enders, “Mr. Lucky Smart, where are you? We are broken. Twelve years and you just leave us. My stomach is in knots as I listen to people talk about your screams under the truck. My heart hurts.”

The lawmaker also thanked Bowieh, the police officer who died in the accident, for his service.

“I met you over 7 years ago and got to appreciate your daily service to your country at the Rehab junction. Sadly, you died today serving us. I salute you, I respect you, and thank you. You are my hero. May your soul and the soul of all those who died today rest in perfect peace. The entire district 6 and the country wish you a gentle rest in the Lord’s arms,” Rep. Enders said.

The accident occurred at about 4:10 GMT on Wednesday, March 20, according to an eyewitness. Over ten people, including six police officers, were taken to the hospital after sustaining injuries during the accident.

According to eyewitness accounts, the white truck, without a license plate, was initially parked at the Rehab Junction intersection on the Robert Highway undergoing repairs.

The truck, which was carrying building materials, took off following the repair and suddenly made a hovering sound, subsequently losing control.

Eyewitnesses said the driver lost control around Krishna Supermarket, instantly hitting motorcycles, tricycles, and vehicles before approaching the two motorcycles carrying four police officers, killing one instantly, then hitting another motorcyclist who also died before crashing into a kehkeh and subsequently catching fire, leading to the death of a student and the kehkeh driver.

“I could not bear to see Fat Boy lifelessly on the ground because he was a close friend and a friendly person,” the eyewitness said.

The eyewitness, who explained that the driver escaped after the accident, informed journalists that the truck driver was heading towards the RIA highway side when he lost control, hitting three cars, four kehkeh, and three motorcycles.

The eyewitness blamed the truck driver for the accident but, at the same time, called on the government to amicably address the RIA highway, which is under construction.

“I think when the truck lost control, I was expecting the driver to easily redirect the truck into the sideway to prevent an accident from happening,” the eyewitness said.

Adding, “the government needs to do something about the road because nobody can fix the road by digging both sides and leaving the middle road narrow.”

When journalists contacted a senior police officer on the scene, he said he could not give any information regarding the accident because he did not have significant information.

“I cannot confirm now because I don’t have any information to give.

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