Liberia: Thomas Watson Clarifies Role In Controversial Land Deal


MONROVIA – Mr. Thomas Bogomie Watson who was reported to be at the center of an alleged dubious land deal says his role in the arrangement was to help Kelvin David to conduct due diligence on the legitimacy of land he [Kelvin] was procuring in 2019.

Mr. Watson indicated that it was through his younger brother that he got connected to Kelvin via phone to assist in ensuring that Kelvin bought land from the legitimate owners given the fact that many diaspora Liberians are being duped by heartless individuals. Kelvin is a friend to Thomas Watson’s younger brother and the son of Kelvin lives in the compound that belongs to Watson’s family.

According to Thomas Watson, he introduced Kelvin to Mr. Joe Dorah as Land Administrator in Margibi County to guarantee the security of his decision to buy the interested land not as owner of the property. The status of Mr. Dorah was confirmed and authenticated by the Land Commissioner of Margibi County at the time in 2019. Kelvin had known Mr. Dorah for many years in Logan Town before this time of the introduction which helped his confidence in proceeding with the land purchase arrangement.

Mr. Watson also clarifies that at the time of his interaction with Mr. David and Dorah, he was not in the employ of the Liberia Maritime Authority and at no time he ever introduced himself to anyone as Special Assistant to the Commissioner of the LiMA. In fact, Thomas emphasized that he was employed at the LiMA in June 2021 as Training Officer about two years after the interactions with Mr. Kelvin David so there is no way he could impersonate staff in the Commissioner’s office.

Mr. Watson categorically pointed out that beyond the day the land was paid for which eventually led to his signature appearing on the deed as a witness, he played no additional role as erroneously insinuated.

The matter was taken to court and Thomas was never considered an accomplice to the case, which Thomas believes, should clearly communicate his innocence of any wrongdoing.

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