Liberia: Sarkonedu to Build First High School in Quardu-Gboni District

MONROVIA – Citizens of Sarkonedu, a town located on the outskirt of Voinjama have broken ground for the first high school in Quardu-Gboni district. Since the establishment of Quardu-Gboni District in 2004, it is yet to boast of a high school in that region.

On April 27 2021, a heavy storm destroyed several homes in Sarkonedu and its only junior high leaving several homeless and hundreds of school-going children out of school. It is in this vein that the citizens of Sarkonedu under the banner Sarkonedu Development Organization launched a campaign to construct a state-of-the-art high school and vocational center in the district.

The building project, if completed, will include 19 classrooms, five offices, a cafeteria, 10 bathrooms, storerooms, a library, science laboratory, auditorium, and vocational center amongst others.

Speaking at the groundbreaking ceremony, Lofa District #4 Representative, Mariamu Fofana thanked the people of Sarkonedu for such an initiative describing the project as the best initiative for the enlightenment of the district and county at large.

“We have done so many things and our forefathers have done a lot in Quardu-Gboni but this is the first time for us to do such a huge project,” Representative Fofana added.

Representative Fofana who donated two thousand United States dollars as her initial contribution stressed the need for parents to take charge of the enrolment at the proposed school.

“School is not the building as such parents must ensure that they encourage their children to go to school,” she asserted. The District #4 lawmaker who is the chair on education at the house of representative noted that if children are educated, the society and its people will benefit.

Serving as the guest of honor, the Political leader of the All Coalition Party, ALCOP, Loseneh Kamara expressed joy for being part of the Sarkonedu Public ground breaking ceremony.

Mr. Kamara said he is very impressed that the people of Sarkonedu are thinking about the future generation who are the children.

Mr. Kamara who was gowned and appreciated for his contribution to the Mandingo and Muslim community added that the future of this country must be secure through quality education.

“I have always told my friends that we must secure the future of this country and one way is through quality education,” he argued.

He asserted that if children are precious jewel as people say then they must be prioritized and that’s what we are seeing in Sarkonedu Today.

“I want to congratulate the people of Sarkonedu for taking up the initiative to rebuild their school after it was destroyed by storm few months ago, he asserted.

The ALCOP political leader also challenged citizens of Quardu-Gboni to work together as unity breeds development.

Mr. Loseneh Kamara who also officially broke ground for the project donated three thousand United States dollars ($us3,000) and three hundred (300) bags of cement after previous contribution of one hundred bags of cement and 16 shovels.

“What we have seen in Sarkonedu today, we want to call on all Lofa citizens to emulate similar example for quality education and development,” he concluded.

For his part, the president of Sarkonedu Development Organization in the Americas, Dr. Kesselly Kamara lauded the citizens of Sarkonedu for taking up the challenge to build a new school after a devastating storm.

“We are excited not because this is happening but for the fact that it is being initiated by the people of Sarkonedu making a vital decision for future impacts,” he asserted.

He called on the national government, international partners, and all well-meaning Liberians in Liberia and the diaspora to rally for the success of what he described as the academic renaissance of Quardu-Gboni and Lofa county at large.