Liberia: Rep. Kogar Blames Mysterious Deaths in the Country to Lack of Political Will to Investigate the Circumstances

Capitol Hill, Monrovia – Representative Samuel G. Kogar (District #5, Nimba County) has blamed the death of Princess Cooper and others who disappeared or died under such mysterious circumstances on the lack of political will to meticulously investigate those incidents and input in place, preventive mechanisms to serve as a deterrence.

Rep. Kogar also blamed the confusion and ‘troubling’ incidents on “serious pitfalls in government’s information dissemination Power Matrix.”

Addressing a press conference at his Capitol Building office, he called for concrete actions to be taken to ensure justice is served.

“We strongly feel that the government must take concrete and concerted action to bring the culprits to book to allay the fears of its citizens, while at the same time maintaining investors’ confidence. There is also the burning need for performance measures for information dissemination such as; Information accuracy, information timeliness, and information relevance.”

Speaking further, he named past broken promises and serious pitfalls in what he called the government’s information dissemination Power Matrix. These shortcomings have also undermined the staff’s ability to perform well and maintain innovative approaches.

He added: “We believe that our social contract theory does not just call for a change in material conditions but a sense of security and dignity for our people. Decency has the character and the resilience to make Liberia a good country. The fear of our people is deeply rooted in a legitimate security concern that is anchored on our responsibility as stakeholders to respond in a fair, predictable, and timely manner.”

The late Cooper, 25 was discovered in a pool of blood last month in the compound of Fawaz Construction Materials store at ELWA Junction in Paynesville, Monrovia last month. She hailed from District #5, Nimba County, Rep. Kogar’s constituency.

Addressing reporters in Monrovia following the incident, the spokesman of the Liberia National Police, Moses Carter, said an initial examination carried out on the body at the John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital Mortuary found no laceration or bruises.

According to Carter, several persons including employees and security officers providing services at the facility where the lifeless body of Princess was discovered, are being interrogated at the Headquarters of the Liberia National Police.

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