Liberia: President Weah, Deputy Speaker Koffa, Senate Pro-Tempore Chie Get “Tsunami Endorsements” in Grand Kru

Grand Kru County – Hundreds of people across the six statutory districts, comprising the 12 traditional communities in Grand Kru County have unanimously and unprecedentedly endorsed President George M. Weah, Deputy Speaker Cllr. J. Fonati Koffa and Senate President Pro-Tempore Albert Chie for reelection.

First, it was Niplaikpo and the Jloh Community; then Bolloh Community in Doeswen. Followed by Buah Community in Geeken. Now, the people of Sasstown in Sasstown Downbeach and the Kplio people in Barclayville, respectively.

On Thursday, 7th April, the people of Sasstown in Sasstown City, Grand Kru County, the hometown of the grand mother of President George M. Weah, joined other traditional communities and petitioned their “sons” to run for reelection, saying the country needs continued strong and honest leadership.

The petitioning ceremony which was held in absentia of President Weah at Sasstown City Hall was attended by hundreds of citizens and residents of Jroa Statutory District, comprising about 11 towns.

Prior to the petitioning, a war dance was performed in memorial and in the front of the grave of the legendary Sasstown Paramount Chief Senyon Juah Nimely, who commanded his tribal community against a war triggered by government reprisals against Kru chiefs and their people who had testified against the government in the 1930s because of a resentment over abuse of power and forced labor practices of which the League of Nations was investigating in that area of Liberia. The Kru chiefs testified that their children were forcibly shipped to Fernando Po.

It may be recalled, President Weah, for his first time in Sasstown since his birth in 1966, and unbelievably danced to the traditional “Sasstown War Music” in February 2021 along with Deputy Speaker Cllr. J. Fonati Koffa – another son of Sasstown.

Pledging their unwavering support to the reelection bid of the President, ahead of the 2023 Presidential and Legislative Elections, the people of Sasstown also petitioned Senate President Pro Tempore Albert Chìe and Deputy Speaker Cllr. J. Fonati Koffa to run for reelection in 2023.

All three are “first termers” and popularly known in Grand Kru County as the “The Three Hebrew Boys.”

Reading the petition on behalf of the Jroah Community, Mr. Barnabas S. Nagbe, President of the Sasstown Citizens United for Development (SCUD), said the three sons, since their elections have respectively developed and transformed the country including Grand Kru County.

“After careful observation, we the people of the entire Jroa Statutory District, have realized that since the ascendancy to your respective positions the numerous contributions which continue to make positive impacts in the lives of the citizens of Sasstown,” Mr. Nagbe read.

In response, President Pro Tempore Albert Chie thanked the people of Sasstown and accepted the petition on their behalf.

“This time around, we want only one round, not two rounds, so how can we achieve that? We can achieve that if all of registered and vote,” President Pro Tempore said.

The Senate Pro Tempore has announced that the government has procured half of about S$750m to construct the roads from Nimba through Grand Gedeh, River Gee to Grand Kru County.

He said the construction of the roads have begun and may hit in Grand Kru County hopefully in November 2022.

“This is what we want you vote us back for oppositions to not enjoy the good works we have started,” Sen. Chie noted.

Also on Friday — Fast and Prayer Day, the Kplio Community (Grebo speaking tribe in Grand Kru County) in the hundreds also overwhelmingly petitioned President Weah, Senator Chie, and Rep. Cllr. Koffa.

They maintained that “in order to foster development in infrastructure, especially in health, education and basic social services, and the management of macro economy; there is a need for continuity, and have therefore endorsed President Weah, Deputy Speaker Koffa, Senate Pro Tempore for reelection.”

Furthered, on Saturday, the people of Gbalakpo at the outskirt of Barclayville, will petition the “trio.”

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