Liberia: PLP Vice Chairman Endorses CPP Standard-bearer Cummings 


Monrovia – David Gomon Benito, the National Vice Chairman for International Affairs of the People’s Liberation Party (PLP) has endorsed the presidential bid of Alexander B. Cummings, the standard-bearer of Collaborating Political Party.

Since July of this year, Daniel Cassel, the political leader of PLP has been held in the United States of America to answer to alleged criminal charges. 

Speaking at the Truth FM radio station, the vice president for International Affairs said considering that his standard-bearer Cassel will not be a serious contender for the presidency next year because of his court case in the US, there will be a three-way race next year’s election.

According to Benitoe, after nearly two months of consultation, he believes that Mr. Cummings is the best choice, so far, in the current presidential race.

Benitoe added: “I, David G. Benitoe, endorse Mr. Alexander B. Cummings for President of Liberia come October 2023.”

He furthers: “Mr. Cummings, unlike the other two major contenders, is not seeking the Liberian presidency as a retirement job, he left his prestigious and highly paid position at Coco-Cola to come to help his country. That is true patriotism, he has the heart for the country.”

According to the PLP Vice Chairman for International Affairs, his endorsement of Mr. Cummings is not about personal interest. Benitoe says it is about the future of Liberia. “Who can lead us there,” he said.

“I remain a member, and a Vice Chairman of the PLP and pray that my colleagues, and people of every party, understand that the country’s cause is greater and more important than our political parties or any individual,” Benitoe said.

He added: “I appeal to all my friends, supporters, and well-meaning Liberians to join Team Cummings and the fight to save our nation and people from the gloomy state of deprivation, degradation, on, and rejection.”

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