Liberia: MNG Gold Mining Company Embarks on Clinic Construction, Road Rehabilitation in Affected Communities in Kokoyah District

KOKOYAH, Bong County – The management of the Turkish mining company MNG Gold in Kokoyah, Bong County has highlighted major development achievements in its concession areas in the county for 2021, and has promised to do more for residents of affected communities.

At a recent stakeholders meeting with elders of the district in David Dean’s Town, the company made specific references to an ongoing clinic construction, construction of vocational schools and rehabilitation of feeder roads.

According to the company’s public relations officer,   Matthew N. Gbanken, the clinic will be opened in March, adding that “massive construction work” was ongoing on the two vocational schools  that got damaged by fire few years ago.

Gbanken said the rehabilitation of the main road leading from Dean Town through electoral district two to Gbarnga, which is about 85 kilometers, was ongoing, including the road to Blanminyea Town.

In addition, the company is rehabilitating the road from Dolo Town through New Town to Zowienta, Kpaai District, Gbanken added.

Also, Gbanken said, the distribution of sola lights is ongoing in the three administrative districts in the company’s affected communities, as well as construction of bridges from Saywheh Town to Yolo Town to Zaryee Town in Kpaai District.

At the recent meeting in Dolo Town, the company’s community liaison officer, Keith Gboe, said the meeting was aimed at acquainting citizens on the status of the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility.

Gboe said the meeting was also intended to provide clarity on issues pertaining to the company’s Kokoyah Concession Operations and the Memorandum of Understanding. 

Gboe said although the concessionaire makes an annual payment to the government as Social Development Fund, adding that the concessionaire shall make an annual gratitude payment to the district in an amount of USD 6,000. This amount, according to Gboe, had been paid in a monthly installment, with amount be deposited in the district’s bank account, provided by the district to the concessionaire.

Gboe said: “The annual gratitude payment resumed in September 2015, and since then the money has always been paid to the district’s bank account. From September 2015 to September 2020, the company has made a payment of USD36,000 to the district”.

Dua M. Karnga, a local leader speaking on behalf of the elders, lauded the efforts of the company and recommended more stakeholders’ meeting to enlighten locals about projects being undertaken by the company.

He hailed the efforts of Gbanken and Gboe for their consistent efforts in informing residents of affected communities about the operations of the company.

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