LIBERIA: Marylanders Celebrate Fallen ‘Hero’ 126th Birth Anniversary In Grand Style

From E. Varney Kamah in Maryland County

As President George Mannah Weah declared Monday November 29 as a national holiday to be celebrated across the country, hundreds of citizens from the birth place of the late William V. S Tubman gathered at the Tubman University (TU) main campus of the University to pay homage to their fallen hero.

November 29 of each year is celebrated across Liberia as the late President William V S Tubman birthday after whom the only high learning institution in in the county is named and he’s been celebrated for his long serving term as President of Liberia with twenty years into the Liberian Presidency.

The occasion was grace by high profile officials including Maryland Superintendent George Prowd, Assistant Superintendent for Fiscal Affairs Boflo Bedell, Tubman University President And Vice President Dr.Elliot Wreh Wilson and Dr.Benson Barh,Dr.Moses Geply Dean College of Business and Administration, Professor D.Jah Bestman, Maryland only Social Justice advocate Mr.Thomas Bedell , Harper City Mayor Madam Blessings Howe Tweh , students from High Schools both in Harper and Pleebo among others.

Addressing the gathering during the celebration Tubman University President and keynote speaker professor emeritus Dr.Elliot Wreh Wilson said Liberia wouldn’t have been Liberia without Tubman.

” Executive Mansion,the house of Parliament,the temple of Justice,the mansonic Temple  and the University of Liberia were all constructed during the regime of the late President Tubman and this is the man that people says he did nothing”, rather than criticism Tubman we should inmates Tubman ,he build schools and roads he lauded.

The guest Speaker used the occasion to call on all Marylanders to cooperate together for positive change and avoid tribalism in the County.

“I’m happy indeed for this unique celebration to serve as your guest Speaker, therefore, I want to encourage you to please work together so that Maryland will be more develop”, Mr. Wilson explained.

“Let’s work together collectively to enhance development and susbtian President Tubman Legacy”

The unforgettable ceremony was held  in Harper City, Maryland county at Tubman University Graduation Hall, moreover, the Youth leadership of the Maryland county Certificated some citizens and residents of the county for their positive contribution in the County.

Maryland county Superintendent Hon George Prowd at the end of the program extended words of Congratulations to all those that turned out for the celebration of Williams V. S Tubman birthday one of Liberia best President.

William V. S. Tubman, (born Nov. 29, 1895, Harper, Liberia died July 23, 1971, London, England, Meanwhile, President Tubman whose 27 years as Liberia’s 17th President constituted the longest tenure in that office in the history of Africa’s first republic (proclaimed in 1847). He was responsible for numerous reforms and social policies, including enactment of suffrage and property right for all female residents of 21 or older; authorization of direct participation in government by all tribal people, who Comprise about 80 percent of the population; and the establishment of a nationwide public-school system.

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