March 3, 2021


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Liberia: Liberty Party Chairman Steve Zargo Resigns amid Ongoing Convention

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MONROVIA – Opposition Liberty Party Chairman Senator Steve Zargo (LP –Lofa County) has resigned his position as Chair of the party. He resigned on Friday as the party prepared for its convention which commenced on Saturday.

His resignation comes a day before the party’s Convention that is currently being held in Gbanga Bong County.

His decision to resign, according to him, was made after following a careful political consideration of where the party has come from and where they are.

Addressing a news conference Friday, he said, it now appears to him that his continuous service as a chairman of the Liberty Party may not serve the spirit, intent and purpose which Cllr. Charles Walker Brumskine envisaged, neither will it serve the general good of party.

“May I at this time seize the opportunity to thank all Liberty Party partisans and friends of Liberty Party who in some way helped my leadership in achieving some of my achievements during the period of my leadership.”

He also paid special tribute to the Party Secretary General Jacob Smith and many other party officials who he said were very supportive of his leadership.

Senator Zargo failed to recognized the political leader, Senator Nyounblee Karnga-Lawrence’s efforts to his leadership.

When asked why, he said, “There are people who were supportive of my leadership and they are the ones I have paid special tribute to.

He added, “Our national politics must not simply be defined in terms of narrow interest. Mutual respect must be the hallmark if we are to succeed in our political sojourn. We are still searching in our various political circles.”


In 2018 the Liberty Party (LP) amended its constitution making significant changes to the powers of its standard-bearer/political leader.

The changes, according to the current standard bearer, was endorsed during the party’s national executive council sitting held August 1-2, 2018 in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County. The changes have also been communicated to the National Elections Commission (NEC).

According to Article 6 of the Liberty Party revised constitution, the Standard Bearer shall be the leader and Chief Representative Spokesperson only during election year.

It reveals that following the conclusion of the party’s primaries, the presidential nominee shall be deemed the standard bearer of the party.

It also states that the Standard Bearer shall be formally elected at the National Convention to serve as the candidate for President of Liberia for the ensuing presidential and general elections.

“If the Standard Bearer is elected President of the Republic, he or she automatically becomes political leader of the party, and remains as such until after his/her tenure. However, if the Standard Bearer is not elected President, the Standard Bearer position shall cease to exist ninety (90) days immediately after the presidential election, and the Standard Bearer automatically becomes the political leader”.

The revised constitution discloses that during election years, the Standard Bearer/Political Leader, in consultation and collaboration with the NEC, shall formulate policy and procedures to implement the decisions of the National Convention as provided for in Article VIII, and take such other actions and proper measures that he/she deem as necessary to advance the best interest of the party.

The new constitution of the opposition LP ruled out the Standard Bearer or Political Leader guiding or directing the national affairs of the party, through the Executive Council until he/she is replaced as stipulated in the constitution of 2018.

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