Liberia: LD$1 Million Insight for Gbarpolu County; As Binda Foundation Donates to County

Binda Foundation officials and Gbarpolu Mobilization officials and players posed for photo following Friday’s donation

MONROVIA – As Liberia heats up for this year’s national county league, LD$1milion has been committed to the county soccer team if emerge as winner of this year’s competition.

The award was contained in a statement released by the Binda Foundation through its National Country Manager Prince Vongbor. The Binda foundation is a non-profit and non-political organization stationed in Gbarpolu County with focus towards improving people’s lives and communities. 

The pronouncement followed Friday, Dec 10, 2021 presentation of huge isolated items to the national coordinating committee of the county valued at LD$30,000. The items included begs of rice and dozens of satchels of water. Gbarpolu faces Lofa county on Sunday in a soccer match as part of activities leading to the tournament.

Speaking in Gbarma District Friday, Vongbor said the move by the foundation, was aimed at motivating all players of the county to strive for excellence. “There’s no better time to motivate our players than now,” Vongbor said. “For far too long, our county has stood on the side line-it’s time to take this year’s trophy home. This is while we are making this commitment to our players and we mean it.”

The Binda Foundation seeks to carter to citizens of Liberia in the areas of health, education, infrastructure, governance and agriculture among others.  The Foundation partner with scores of non-profit organizations in the United States and Europe with an assets reputation at over US$100million.

Presenting the items to the county authorities, Vongbor added that the items was a gist of greater things in store for the team and county. “These items presented today, are gear towards preparing our team for the games ahead,” he said. “We want our players to eat and be physically fit for the task ahead.” “We are confident that our county will bring home this years’ trophy.”

He pledged that his foundation was in the county to stay, vowing to make several interventions in the months ahead. He further mentioned that in the coming weeks, the foundation will officially lunch its operation in the county fully calling on all citizens to join hands in working together.

With corporate office stationed in Gbarma, the foundation will serve as voice for the voiceless, and help shape the direction of citizens who he described as being abused and forgotten by some leaders over decades.

 “Our foundation work is not one that pleases the ordinary politician, but one that put the benefits of our people first,” Vongbor intoned.  “We are open to work with everyone in the county. What affects our people will affect us, and so we will work with them in whatever way we can to bring about the necessary development and changes they seek.”

He added that following the lunch of the foundation, a team from the United State and Liberia will be in the county to carry out a comprehensive survey in Gbarpolu aimed at identifying strategic projects to undertake. “Our people for too long lingered for help and today we can safely say that help has arrived.”

Responding to the donation, Gbarpolu County Commissioner and Mobilization Chairman, Mr. Orie Bah thanked members of the foundation and described the donation as timely and highly commendable. “We are filled with joy today,” he said. “We are thankful for the gesture by the Binda Foundation and we can assure the citizens of Gbarpolu county that we will win this year’s county league.” Bah also pledged his office commitment towards working with the foundation aimed at improving the living conditions of citizens.

The foundation was lunched in the United States, following a four-year planning process by its founder and Chief Executive Officer, Stephen Binda. Binda is a prolific Liberian journalist, a US business executive and activist. Born and raised in Liberia with parents originating from Gbarma District, he’s also the grand child of the late Chief Ziamah Samgbeh, a historic paramount Chief of Gbarpolu.

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