Liberia: Kimmie Weeks Honored Internationally


MONROVIA – Acclaimed Liberian humanitarian Dr. Kimmie Weeks is being honored for his work as part of a moving exhibition, which is currently on display in Oslo the capital of the European state of Norway. 

The exhibit, which is called the “We have a Dream Traveling Photographic Exhibition” consists of 114 portraits of some of the world’s most influential people together with young people and everyday heroes.  Each portrait is accompanied by quotes and extracts from the interviews that can be read in the book We Have a Dream. A specially composed audio design is created for the exhibition with authentic quotes from interviews with the participants. 

The portraits were taken by Albert Wiking, one of Sweden’s leading photographers. The interviews were conducted by Oscar Edlund, and journalist Daniel Rydén wrote the texts.   More than 100 activists, Nobel Peace Prize Laureates, artists, politicians, and writers are featured in the We Have a Dream exhibition which has a goal to inspire others to realize their own dreams and visions.  Some notable participants include the Dalai Lama, Jane Goodall, Kofi Annan, FW de Klerk, Nelson Mandela and Liberian Nobel Laureate Madam Leymah Gbowee.  

According to the We Have a Dream Foundation, the exhibition honors a wide range of individuals based on efforts they had made to make the world a better place.    The foundation stated: “We Have a Dream is not about saints or superheroes; it’s not about infallible individuals. The only difference between these people and the rest of us is that they left their comfort zones and went out and acted for change.”

Dr. Weeks said he was honored to have been included in the traveling exhibition and said that it served as a motivation to continue to expand his work to impact lives across West and East Africa.  “This is a proud and humbling moment for me as an individual and hopefully it will inspire many others to believe that no matter where they have come from, they can achieve all of their dreams and make an impact nationally and internationally,” said Dr. Weeks.    He also said he hoped that it would also help to build a positive image for Liberia abroad.

Dr. Kimmie Weeks currently serves as Executive Director of the US-based nonprofit called Youth Action International.    The organization has a mission to provide education, health care and economic empowerment to children and young people in post was African countries.    He also currently serves as Senior Director for Africa for the US-based scientific research company called Integrum Scientific.

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