Liberia: ‘I’m Not A Muslims, Nor A Christian’ – Unity Party Mo Ali Takes Oath at Court without Bible or Quran

MONROVIA – Mr. Mohammed Ali, popularly known as Mo Ali, on Wednesday appeared at the Monrovia City Court where he was expected to provide testimonies regarding the alleged alteration of the CPP Framework Document.

Ali, told the court he could not take an oath using either the Bible or the Quran as he does not believe in both religions.

In respect to his view on the two religions, Mr. Ali was administered the oath only with his hand raised up.

However, Mr. Ali’s testimony was reserved for Thursday due to time.

It is also expected that Liberty Party Senator, Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence will also testify against Mr. Cummings.

It was during Senator Lawrence-Karnga’s chairmanship of the CPP that the allegation of the tampering of the Framework Document came up and she then ordered an investigation into the matter.

The investigation uncovered structural changes to the Framework Document, something which was later confirmed by the CPP lawyers who were asked to review and revise the document. The lawyers led by Cllr. Benedict Sannoh confirmed making some structural changes to the Document but failed to comment on whether the portions or extracted or added.

In the midst of the allegation that Mr. Cummings altered the document and forged the signatures of CPP leaders, he has continuously maintained that he is innocent of the allegation and further disclosed that it was Mr. Ali who collected the signatures.

Testifying before the hearing officer at the National Elections Commission last week, that there was no withdrawal clause in the Framework Document of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) signed by the Unity Party.

According to Mr. Ali who took the witness to testify on behalf of his political party, when the UP signed the Framework Document that brought the four collaborating parties together, there was no clause in it for withdrawal.

“The May 19 document had no such withdrawal clause, therefore, after several requests for the document from the ANC who was then the constituent Party chairing the CPP, they (ANC) submitted a photocopy of the document and as a result of the investigation we filed a resolution that the document we signed up to was not the same as the document filed to the NEC.”

According to Mr. Ali, the All Liberian Party (ALP) after receiving the document, filed a complaint and the UP agreed with the ALP that’s why the UP agreed with the ALP and participated in the investigation and agreed with the investigative report.

“To the best of the knowledge of UP we were operating under the Framework document of May 19, 2020. The Framework Document before you is not the same filed with the NEC as per the findings of the report and copies of the Framework Document were never severed to constituent parties of the CPP by the chairing ANC,” Mr. Ali said.

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