Liberia: “I Will Not Resign” – NaFAA Director General Calls for Due Process Before Relinquishing Her Post

The Director General of the National Fishery and Aquaculture Authority (NAFAA) Emma Glassco

Monrovia – The Director General of the National Fishery and Aquaculture Authority (NAFAA), Emma Glassco, says she will not quit her job as head of the entity unless an investigation is conducted to determine whether she contravened the institution’s laws or not.

By J.H. Webster Clayeh (0886729972)

Madam Glassco made this assertion at a meeting with members of the House Committee on Maritime, Agriculture, Mines, and Energy at NAFAA’s headquarters on Monday.

The team of lawmakers, headed by Montserrado County District 10 Representative Frank Saah Foko, as part of their oversight responsibility, expressed concern about the increasing attacks and protests at NAFAA’s office.

Recently, Madam Glassco has faced several allegations, including illegal dismissals, among others.

In response to the lawmakers, Madam Glassco stated that the attacks against her are not devoid of politics, urging the Senate to investigate. “I’m equally concerned about these growing multiple octopus attacks on my person. I urge this honorable body to recommend to the Senate to establish a committee to investigate because it could be politically motivated or based on some political interest,” she said.

Madam Glassco added, “For example, why were these concerns not raised in 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, or 2022, but are being raised now? That is my concern. So, I believe that I am being unfairly treated by those who want this job.”

She told the lawmakers that the level of work she and her team have done at NaFAA has garnered significant attention, leading her to believe that criticism against her is motivated by personal interests. “I believe that with the attention brought to the sector, people are eyeing the post, thinking it is an easy win,” Madam Glassco said.

“For me, I don’t care much; we just have to do the right thing. Look at what happened at the Ministry of Defense and the EPA. Is the same thing they want to happen to NaFAA? You just create instability, then you demand resignation. I will not do that; let us go through due process, and I will leave at the appropriate time, but not abruptly or through coercion.”

Speaking further, Madam Glassco emphasized that it is not her right to serve as Director General of NaFAA; rather, she stressed that it was a privilege to serve her country, adding that there is a life beyond NaFAA. “No one is clinging to this job; let me make it clear. It is simply the opportunity to serve. I am not clinging to it. But I think the most trending method to remove people from office is to incite violence, tarnish the image or reputation of the institution, create an unpleasant working environment, and then demand resignation. That will not be the case with me. I will not resign under these circumstances,” she said.

Madam Glassco added, “I want fair justice as well. I want people to investigate these matters to see if I have done anything illegal, and then I will avail myself to whatever consequences may arise. But simply to exert pressure and demand my unceremonious removal is not fair to me. If the senior executive decides to call me to the table at any time, why not? I would rather not force myself to work with a government that lacks confidence in me.”

Madam Glassco remarked that the same people who praised her yesterday are now criticizing her. According to her, she oversees over 200 staff across the country. However, she was surprised to see a few people calling for her removal. “Do they represent a two-thirds majority against me, or are just a handful of people influencing these staff? The recent protest was led by nine individuals. Some of them had their contracts not renewed due to financial constraints, not for personal reasons. So, in order to clear my name of any allegations, I believe there should be a committee to investigate any allegations against me,” she said.

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