LIBERIA: Grand Kru Residents Excited About Technical College

The residents of Grand Kru County have expressed their excitement  and appreciation about the Grand Kru Technical College in Barclayville City, Grand Kru County.

The College offers Associate degree in Six major disciplines including Agriculture, Education, Engineering and Technology, Natural Science and Public Health. However, the college is starting with the first three majors while the three other programs will be gradually introduced.

Over a weekend, a  fact- finding  mission from the Board of Trustees of the Grand Kru Technical College  was dispatched to  Barclayville for an assessment trip.

According to the  Co-chair of the Board of Trustees of the College, Prod. Dr.  Josephus M Gray, purpose of the  high-powered delegation was for gathering relevant information and to hold talks with stakeholders in the county and undertake a special research about my third book which is being worked on for possible publication this year.

The Grand Kru Technical College offers a Two-year Associate degree in Six Major Disciplines ( a) Agriculture (b) Education (c) Engineering and Technology, (d) Business ( e) Natural Sciences and ( f) Public Health.Instead, the College is starting with the first three major disciplines while the other three would be introduced gradually. The college is headed by a President and two Vice Presidents and assisted by four Deans and a host of qualified and competent faculty members, administrative and support staffs.

Besides, the Six degree granting disciplines and core courses, the Technical College offers general required courses which all students must do. The general courses include: English, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Social Science, History, French,  Kru, Physical Education, Geography and Computer applications.

Students are required to successfully complete 78-82 credit hours (4 semesters) to earn Associate degree while 120 credit hours (8 semesters) are required to be completed for a Bachelor degree  in any of the Six Major Disciplines.

The polices demand for President to earn a doctorate degree while VPAA and VPA earn master’s degree and a Dean must hold at least master’s degree as well as Administrative Directors and Chief of Office State.

The College contains 45 classrooms which would be used for about 85 sections for teaching and learning purposes. Other offices include: President’s office, Vice Presidents for Academic Affairs and Administration offices, Chief of Office Staff and Administrative Assistants offices, Human Resources Director and HR  Assistant, Comptroller and Account Section, Procurement and staffs office, conference room and faculty lounge,  computer and Internet annex, Deans for Admission and Records,  Academic Affairs, Student Affairs offices, Registrar  Office, Chairpersons of Agriculture, Education and Engineering and Technology offices and library are all ready for use; they are  being given the needed face-lift.

The administration and faculty of Barclayville Central High School have allowed the Grand Kru Technical College to use the entire building for classes in the afternoon, while the  morning sections will be held on the college’s campus.

More than 150 candidates from across the entire Grand Kru County as well as Pleebo in Maryland County wrote and passed the  evaluation entrance  tests.

The residents of the county are excited and applauded the College’s Board of Trustees and the Administration for the academic undertaking.

Indeed, the family of the Technical College are amazing people and supportive, they made our five-day facts finding trip to the county a very successful one.

On behalf of the Chair of the Board of Trustees, Prof. Weade Kobbah-Boley, it was an honored to present the College’s Curricula to the Vice President for Academic Affairs(VPAA), Rev. Tehneseo P. Brohdonyen  during  a special program held at the College’s main campus in Barclayville City.

Following the occasion, the delegation was taken on a guided tours of the College’s campuses, classrooms, administrative building, faculty quarters, president’s residence as well as the 50 acres of land donated to the college by the people of Kayken,  Barclayville.

I’m glad to have  represented the Board of Trustees to head the high-powered delegation to the county and be of help. The Board of Trustees is the governing body of the College, setting  policies, makes major decisions, and directions for the college

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