Liberia: Fula Community in Liberia Demands a Peaceful Election in 2023

MONROVIA – The Fulani Community in Liberia has demanded from politicians and the general public peaceful elections in 2023.

The president of the Fula Community in Liberia, Yousouf Barry has, however, called on Liberians to maintain the current peace that is being enjoyed as the country gears towards its general and presidential elections in 2023.

He then demanded peace over violence during election period.

“We demand from our stakeholders a genuine peace as we approach the elections year, during this time of our country is when all of the controversies can arise and there can be too many tensions in the country, we are asking all of our Fula brothers and sisters to remain peaceful as they are always been especially during this time of election,” Barry cautioned.

Barry who is also the President of Tabital International Liberia is calling on all Liberians to help in maintaining the peace and don’t allow politicians division to gain their political interest.

Tabital International Liberia is a group representing all of the Fulani in Liberia.

 Yousouf Barry said it is time that all Liberians come together as one in the interest of the Country and its people by holding the peace and always preaching the message of peace at their various worship centers.

He announced that in the coming days Tabital International Liberia will begin a National wide Camping to the 15 Political Sub Division to inform and educate all of its members and non-members about the importance of upholding the peace, especially during elections.

“The Fula community is urged to take that bold step in the maintaining of the peace as we take the leading telling other Liberians who are non-Fula the Fula Community in Liberia.

Barry made the statement when he was being honored by some members of the Fula community for his contributions in Liberian society.

During the ceremony, Barry said being honored makes him happy and promised to do more in giving back to his country Liberia and its people through business and development.

He added that Fula the Community is also Contributing to the Development of Liberia and as such it is time that all Liberians put aside their individual differences and work in the interest of Liberia for the betterment of both Christians and Muslims.

Barry was quick to confess that he didn’t expect to be honored by his colleagues because according him:

“I thought that no one was following me and the work I do but I am grateful for the trust reposed in me to stir the affairs of the Organization both locally and internationally,” he said.

For his part, the Advisor to President Weah on Islamic Affairs, Usemane T.Jalloh, said the Fula Community is happy to have Barry as their leader.

“The Fula Community is grateful to the President of the Republic of Liberia for this opportunity for me to served as Islamic advisor to this Administration, this is the first time and it’s from this background that we are representing the Liberian Fula Community internationally,” he disclosed.

Performing the honoring ceremony, Jalloh said We needed to honor our President of Tabital International Liberia, the election was very tense to see our President being Elected to one of the most important positions,” he said.

The Islamic advisor to President Weah said the Fula Community in Liberia Is a partner in the developmental agenda of the Country.