LIBERIA: Former Ruling Unity Party Partisans Protest, Petitioned Diplomatic Missions

Amid the reported delay of the National Elections Commission (NEC) to allow Unity Party Senatorial Candidate to contest the upcoming By-election in Lofa County, several supporters of opposition Unity Party petition foreign missions near Monrovia to intervene into ongoing legal battle that may deny UP of fielding candidate in Lofa senatorial by-election

The Unity Party protesters on Wednesday visited the headquarters of the United Nations, US Embassy, offices of the European Union and the Economic Community of West African States.

They are calling on these embassies and diplomatic missions to be aware of the past happenings in the country, and take interest in the unfolding developments to ensure all players do the right things and save Liberia’s democracy.

According to the UP partisans, if NEC is not quickly stopped from implementing what they called reckless and mischievous ploy, the party is afraid of the resultant political convulsions and uncertainties which could undermined Liberia’s peace and democracy.