Liberia: Former Lone Star player Baxter Urges Lone Star Players To Be Focused

MonroviaA former Lone Star  player  Jonathan Armah Baxter is calling on players of the National football team of Liberia to be self-confident in their training  as they prepare for the African Cup of Nations qualifiers against South Africa and Morocco.

By: A. Macaulay Sombai, [email protected]

Mr. Jonathan Armah Baxter who once played for Bomi County and former Liberia Football Association (LFA) first division side NPA Anchors in an interview with FrontPage Africa Sports desk said  if Lone Star players can  focus their attention on their training both on and off the pitch it will help to give them the spirit of selfconfident against their oopponents.

According to the former Lone Star player  the current player  of national team must be determined if they wish to get the necessary result against their opponents in their home and away encounters.   

Says Mr. Baxter: “I want Lone Star players to know that the game of football does not come through silver plate but through physical and selfconfident follow by mental or  psychological preparation on and off the ball and they should also be selfdetermine in every aspect of their struggle to make the difference for the Lone Star against their opponents.”

He voiced that Lone Star qualification for CAF 2023 African Cup of nations might be difficult but said is  not very impossible if only the players continue to carry on their selftraining before and after the team’s training  because such self-self-training will  help to better increase  the physical strength and mental skills against their opponents.  

“Lone Star qualification for African Cup of nations might be difficult but not very impossible but our players need to be selfconfidence and focus on and off the ball and they should never take themselves inferior to their opponents on and off the ball but they must rather continue to be more selfdetermine for the games at the head of them.” Baxter said.

Mr. Baxter is therefore calling  on Lone Star head Coach Keita to carry on his player’s selection based on merit and not based on friendship if he wants  his players to deliver the necessary result for the Lone Star of Liberia against her opponents from South Africa and Morocco respectively.

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