Liberia: Executive Committee Members of PUP Sense Secret Deal Outside Party Structure


In a resolution signed by 11 counties chairpersons of the opposition People’s Unification Party (PUP), they stated that the constitution of the party designates the national Chairperson of the party as the spokesperson to lobby for funding and lead negotiation for onward submission to the National Executive Committee.

Sensing that there is ongoing negotiations outside the constituted structure, the resolution read by the Party’s Secretary General discourages any attempt or process that tends to subject the party to a collaboration or merger without the expressed will and consent by majority of the members.

The Resolution stated: “The National chairperson is herewith designated and authorized to lead all conversations and or negotiations aimed at forging any political collaboration requiring the involvement of the PUP.”

Reading the resolution the party’s secretary General, Moses Kwehai, said, the Party Resolution also warned all political alliances, and political party wishing to collaborate with the PUP to adhere to the resolution or assume the risk of doing business outside the proper structure of the party.

The party resolution also overturned an earlier decision taken by some members of the Party Youth Congress that declare a vote of no confidence in the chairman of the Youth wing Mr. Joseph O. Beyan. According to national executive committee during a press conference presided ove by its National Chairman Samuel Korga, investigation conducted by the national executive committee could not establish as facts the corruption allegation against Mr. Beyan.

In August, some members of People’s Unification Party National Youth Congress   declared a vote of no confidence in its youth chairman, Joseph O. Beyan for alleged corrupt practices.

According to the national vice chairman for Recruitment and Mobilization, Kaba Mulbah, the decision was reached following the executive committee’s investigation which found Beyan guilty for corruption, misconduct and criminal conspiracy.

Kaba warned that institutions should refrain immediately from doing business with Beyan.

He alleged that the former Youth Chairman also hired and paid a group to witch-hunt and attack Margibi County Senator, J. Emmanuel Nuquay, who is the Political Leader of the Party.

In response to the EC decision, the group responded claiming, gossip being heralded by some members of the EC is unfounded and meant to create confusion in the ranks of party. The maintained that the Youth chairman remain suspended.

“The decision coming from the NEC of the party today was hasty and brings into question the reasoning of the entire NEC headed by Rep” Samuel Kogar. before our complain, we wish to let you know, members of press, there was already a plan meeting by Chairman Korga and some members of the EC to decide what we witnessed today.

“Their decision was ill-informed and out of greed. Meanwhile, it seems that the Chairman himself is reading the party’s constitution upside-down. There is nowhere in the Party’s constitution it is stated that the National Executive Committee is the “highest decision-making body’ in the absence of convention.

“Consequently, the highest decision-making body in the party is the   National Convention followed by the Governing Council. We want to inform Chairman Korga through this medium that the constitution states that “the national executive committee is the 3rd highest decision making body in the party contrary to his thoughts.”

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