Liberia: District Five Residents Hail Rep. Kollie for Delivering on Campaign Promises in Bong County

SUAKOKO — With less than sixty days after formally taking office, Bong County District#5 Representative, Eugine Kollie, is said to be showing positive signs that could make his District a nearly no-go zone in 2029.

By Selma Lomax,

Hon. Kollie, a former phone repairer, came to power with a promise to bring back the dividends of democracy to the district, considering the fact that he once endured every little challenge facing citizens of the District.

Before his ascendency, Rep. Kollie is on record for providing tuition aid for hundreds across the district, empowering women, building schools and town halls among others.

Since his election and subsequent induction into the 55th Legislature, Rep. Kollie has made several noteworthy strides aimed at living up to his promise.

Hundreds are currently benefiting  from his tuition aid initiative at various high schools and universities, while several young people of the district have received employment opportunities and some expected to travel abroad in the coming months.

The District #5 lawmaker is also engaging the administration of Cuttington University in Suakoko for scholarships, as a compensation to the district for hosting the university.

The engagement when concluded, would provide educational opportunities for several citizens of the district who are desirous of higher education but do not have the means.

At the Central Agriculture Research Institute (CARI), Rep. Kollie is also fronting for improved welfare, particularly for unskilled workers who have over the years complained about bad labour practice by former and current heads of the institution.

As part of his oversight responsibilities, Rep. Kollie told a gathering in the district recently that his office will engage the management of CARI in order to revisit the book to see what the act that established the institution says about employees welfare.

At the Legislature where he serves as Chairman of the House’s Committee on Lands, Mines, Natural Resources and Environment, Rep. Kollie has made himself a logically vocal figure – speaking on several issues affecting the nation and also recommending amicable solutions. 

On Thursday, he led an array of members of the House of Representatives to Kinjor in Grand Cape Mount County to calm situations there between citizens and Turkish Mining Company, Bea Mountain.

The situation led to the death of three persons with several seriously wounded as police fired live bullets on protesting citizens.

Rep. Kollie was also instrumental in addressing the concerns of citizens of Fuamah District in Bong County, regarding the non-compliance operations of China Union in Bong Mines.

As a new lawmaker, representative is currently being pointed out on the grounds of Capitol Building and as the newest lawmaker with several essential instruments before plenary, all aimed at addressing locals’ concerns.

On Thursday, February 28, 2024, Rep. Kollie craved the indulgence of his colleagues to invite Central Agriculture Research Institute’s Director to appear before the August Body to explain his alleged diversion of materials and equipments belonging to the institute.

About a weeks ago, Rep. Kollie petitioned the Honorable House Of Representatives to summon the legal advisor to President Boakai to explain before plenary, reasons behind the appointments of people into already occupied tenured positions, a communication that has since made president Boakai careful in ongoing appointments.

It can also be recalled that Rep. Kollie recently sent a communication to plenary, seeking the indulgence of his colleagues to invite Madam Josephine Salee,  manager of the famous Kpatawee Waterfall, to explain to the plenary, reasons behind her alleged refusal to comply with the MOU between her Jalk Inc. and the people of Kpatawee clan, as reported by residents of Kpatawee.

On Thursday, February 28, 2024, the strong Bong County caucus member has petitioned his colleagues to summon the Director of Central Agriculture Research Institute (CARI), Dr. Victor Sumo, to appear before plenary to address the body on accusations of diversion of materials and equipments from CARI.

Dr. Sumo is alleged of diverting several materials and equipments from CARI including:

*Two 40ft container

*One long fuel tank

*Seven cars

*Two tractors

*Six generators

*30 pieces of power tiller brackets 

* 260 pieces of profile iron

* car Washing machine, amongst other essential materials and equipments, just to list few.

In a communication dated Wednesday, February 28, 2024, Rep. Kollie petitions the house to summon Dr. Sumo to provide total understanding behind his (Dr. Sumo) alleged diversion.

Regarding his commitment to women’s empowerment, the young lawmaker has already made available over 1m Liberian dollars as to business women, as this platform has been reliably hinted that the big news of 30 million Liberian dollars loan will soon wet the soil.

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