Liberia: Court Subpoenas Police Officers in the Mbayo’s Trial

Monrovia – Police Officers at Zone Five are expected to testify in the case filed by Bong County representative Marvin Cole against the Mbayo at the Paynesville Magisterial Court.

The officer’s appearance followed a request for a writ of a subpoena from state lawyers to Associate Magistrate Marvin Bah.

Officers of Zone Five investigated the case after the incident occurred on January 15, 2022, involving representative Cole versus the Journalist Bettie Johnson- Mbayo, Dr. Moses Mbayo and St. Simon principal Johnson Kerkula.

The couple along with Kerkula is charged with Felonious restraint, Disorderly Conduct, and Terroristic threat against the lawmaker which according to the writ violates section 14.24; 17.3 and 14.51 of the New Penal Code of Liberia.

The writ of arrest on the trio claimed that on January 15, while parked in Rep Cole’s driveway, the Mayo’s were requested to remove their vehicle to enable the ‘honourable’ man to enter his yard. It added that journalist Mbayo and team referred to the lawmaker as a ‘madman’ and allegedly took a stone and immediately hit Representative Cole on his chest.

The state informed the court that Defendant Kerkulah even removed his waist belt to flog the lawmaker; even though the defendants ran to the police to report the matter.

The officers will serve as the fourth witness in the trial for state prosecutors after the state’s third witness told the court that Journalist Mbayo never stone representative Cole as he claimed.

Meanwhile, one issue the Officer is expected to be cross-examined will be, who reported the case on grounds that the Mbayo’ said they reported the case when the incident occurred; but Officers of the depot told the couple that despite reporting first does not automatically pose them as a complainant.

Cllr. Joyce Reeve-Woods, Atty. Michael Gebeh, Atty. Mohammed Sheriff and Atty Mmonbeydo Joah represent the trio.

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