Liberia: Civil Peace Service Calls on Liberians to Unite and Say ‘No to Tribal and Political Discrimination and Yes to Peace’ 2023 Elections


MONROVIA –  In commemoration of the International Day of Peace, the Civil Peace service-Liberia (CPS)Network has called on all Liberians to say ‘no to tribal and Political discrimination and yes to peace ahead of Liberia’s 2023 Presidential and General Elections.

By Francis G. Boayue

The International Day of Peace (IDP) 1981 was established by the United Nations in an effort to promote non-violence, cease-fire, and Global Peace. Each year the IDP is observed around the world on September 21 by the United Nations to strengthen the ideas of peace.

In recognition of this year’s International Day of Peace which is celebrated with the global team: “End Racism. Build Peace.”

The Civil Peace Service Liberia Network over the weekend concluded the celebration of the International Day of Peace through a press conference to call on all Liberians to unite in dismantling the structure that promotes violence and discrimination ahead of Liberia’s 2023 elections.

Rev. Philip Nushann, Jr. reading the press statement on behalf of the group, has called on all Liberians to support the movements for the equality of human rights and as well to speak out against hate speeches, both offline and online.

“We call on all Liberians to promote anti-discrimination through education and spreading tolerance for each other and compassion for all those living in Liberia as we move forward to a peaceful and prosperous future of our beloved country ahead of 2023 elections,” he said.

He said Liberia has witnessed several hate speeches and violence directed at political opponents or among different tribal groups something he term the CPS Liberia network believes has the proclivity to undermine the country’s peace and stability.

“The CPS Liberia Network, therefore, call on all Liberians home and abroad to be reminded of their individual and collective responsibilities in fostering peace in Liberia,” he added.

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