Liberia: Bong County Senator Moye Highlights Achievements in First Constituency Report


Salala District, Bong County — A lot has been achieved within the one year Prince Kermue Moye has spent as the Senator of Bong County.

As it was evident when he took over the county as senator in 2021, there was so much to be done, but so much has been done within the first year of the lawmaker’s nine-year term.

On Saturday, April 23 in Salala District, the lawmaker presented his first annual report to residents of the county, highlighting gains made over the period covering lawmaking, oversight, representation, and development initiatives.


Under lawmaking, one of the major functions of a legislator, Sen. Moye said he  presided over the hearing of a committee at the Senate for the passage of a resolution to restrain the Civil Service Agency from automatically retiring civil servants, particularly teachers and healthcare workers, without replacing them.

The lawmaker, who’s the Senate Chairman on Education, presided over various hearings that led to the granting of university statuses to the Nimba County Community College, now Nimba University College, and the Grand Bassa Community College, now Grand Bassa University College.

“I again presided over the hearing for the elevation of Phebe Para-Medical Training Program (PTP) to a full-fledged, four-year degree-granting institution,” Senator Moye said.    

Also, Sen. Moye said, he communicated with the Senate Plenary based on a petition received from the Students Against Drugs (SAD) for the amendment of the current Drug Law. “Our office is currently working with relevant authorities to develop such instrument in order to save Liberian youths of the dreadful impact of drugs.

“During the period under review, I have worked with my colleagues, and we, together passed 32 legislations during the 4th and 5th sessions of the Liberian Senate combined. Those legislations include 13 ratifications, 5 amendments and 13 enactments.”


Sen. Moye also disclosed that during his first year at the Senate, he was privileged to have  represented the people of Bong County at all Legislative functions at the Liberian Legislature, including plenary sessions, committee meetings and hearings, joint legislative functions, regional legislative engagements.

“I am pleased to be a vocal voice, taking definitive positions on issues of national concerns, all in the interest of the people of Bong County, and Liberians in general. I leveraged my influence, working with my colleagues, to ensure the allocation of US$900,000 in the 2022 National Budget for work on the Bong County Technical College building. We pushed and ensured an increment of US$500,000 in the budget of C. B. Dunbar Maternity Hospital.”

“This will, without doubt, improve maternal and newborn health services in the county and beyond. Furthermore, Cuttington University’s subsidy has been increased from a little over $200,000 to $450,000 in the 2022 National Budget through our influence.”

The lawmaker disclosed to the audience his strong stance against a proposed 40% cut in the budget of Phebe Hospital in the 2022 National Budget, saying that such would have had devastating consequences in meeting the health residents of not only Bong but nearing counties the hospital serves.


As Chairman on Education and Public Administration at the Senate, Senator Moye said he joined the Ministry of Education and other education stakeholders in Gbarnga for the Joint Education Sector Review (JESR), which provided a clear direction for the development of an Education Sector Plan for the next five years. 

“I oversaw the planning of an education budgeting and financing workshop for all members of the Education and Ways, Means, Finance and Budget Committees.”

The event was sponsored and facilitated by UNICEF, Liberia office. We also graced the National PTA Network Retreat in Gbarnga and gave our commitment and support. Over the last one year, I have overseen the transition from the fiscal financial/budget year (June – July) to the calendar financial/budget year (January – December), in conformity with existing systems in the region and the world over. I currently serve as Secretary of the Senate Leadership.”

As a member of the following committees – Banking and Currency; Commerce, Trade and Industry; Public Works and Rural Development; Lands, Mines, Energy, Natural Resources and Environment; Public Corporations; and Post and Telecommunications, Senator Moye said it enabled him established the Joint Education Committee Secretariat to monitor, validate, verify and ensure compliance and accountability in the general performances with the Education Sector.

“We leveraged our influence to ensure the allocation of additional resources in the 2022 National Budget for the hiring of volunteer teachers to fill as many vacant classrooms across public schools;We negotiated with Alpha Logging Company to recondition the St. John  River Bridge, or otherwise find alternative routes to transport their log. MNG Gold is being made to honor the 2015 MOU that was signed with citizens of the communities in which it operates, while we exert efforts to ensure there is a Mineral Development Agreement for the company, going forward.”

“I have had meetings with the Minister of Mines and Energy, the Director General of the National Bureau of        Concessions, the Director General of the Environmental Protection Agency, and other agencies of government on the Matter. I was even accompanied by the DG of NBC Atty. Edwin N. Dennis to get a full glance of the issues at MNG Gold.”

These efforts have led to the reconditioning of roads linking the area, ongoing instillation of hand pumps, erection of a clinic and a vocational school in David Dean’s town, renovation of existing schools, provision of motorbikes for local authorities.

Projects and Interventions 

Across Bong County, Senator Moye has been involved with over 50 people-centered development projects, including the Gbarmokollieta and Volomini in Sanoyea District that received a Lonestar GSM booster network through his intervention. intervention. Moye said he constituted a committee to manage the ferry donated by Amb. Joseph Boakai, a move  that resolved existing conflicts, while also providing various means of transport across the St Paul River. 

“We worked with the local communities to construct two new canoes, and bought additional ferry cables. We guided a dialogue that ensured the construction of a school and reconditioning of some roads in Zulu Hill and its environs.

“We made available 125 plastic chairs for the Sanoyea Town Hall and distributed 10 bundles of Zinc to Gbonyea, Waymue received three bundles, while  Bong Mines Youth project received 10 bundles, plus various towns, totalling 64  bundles of zinc provided in electoral District Seven.

“When it comes to Cement distribution, we donated 325 bags of cement to various institution, including 100 bags of cement to Bong Mines mosques and 100 bags of cement to churches in Bong Mines; 30 bags to Piata Lutheran        Church. We also provided 100 pieces of ceiling tiles for various mosques in Bong mines;3. provided L$182,000 out of L$250,000 promised for the completion of the Piata Public School.”

“When it comes to cash donations,  L$10,000 to UMC Conference Weala, L$5,000 to Piata, L$42,000 to Kornormianta, L$6,500 as appreciation, L$50,000 for women empowerment, L$25,000 for volunteer teachers for Beletanai; L$3000 as appreciation and L$30,000 for volunteer teachers;5. Solar Lights installed: Popota-2, Hindii-5, Dobli Island-2, Nwuamue-1, Zamquama-1, Gbamokollieta-3, Gboyata-2, Lamadine-1, Gbolee-1, Gbogbota-3, Kenema-1 and other towns and villages. Total of 63 sets of high-tech solar lights installed.”

“In electoral District #6:1. In Electoral district #6, we worked with Rep. Moima Briggs-Mensah to construct an annex of the E.J. Yancy Multilateral High school in Totota, donating 200 bags of cement. This has drastically reduced over crowdedness of classes, and has provided additional facilities for improved learning; 2. We Provided 20 sets of high-tech solar lights to light up the Salala District administrative compound and various towns in the district;3. We Made available 100 bags of cement to the Totota Muslim community;4. Donated 5 laptop computers to Salvation Army School in Salala;5. We presented a 2.25 KVA generator, 40 bags of cement plus US$150 to Radio Totota; 6. A total of 24 bundles of zinc donated including 5 to Carr farm for community project;7. Gbonkeniamah received, 15 bundles of zinc and L$50,000 as part of commitment to the citizens;8. We donated 75 pieces of ceiling tile and L$25,000 for Donfah youth project;9. Kolila received L$68,400, 50 bags of cement & 4 bundles of zinc for community hall; 10. We have paid L$210,000 for local scholarships in the district;11. Salala Lutheran Church: 500.00USD Plus 50 Cartons of Tile12. Heylata Lutheran Church: 100 bags of cement13. Church of Pentecost: $140.00USD14. Bethel World Outreach: $140.00USD15. Pst. Miracle $140.00USD16. Advance in the Vane Yard: $150.00USD17. Christ fellowship Aladula $130.00USD 1. Total cash donation of L$1,483,600 and US$770 for projects and various forms of empowerment;2. Notable Projects: Kolila Town Hall, Total Radio Station, Donfah Youth Center, Gbonkoniamah Town Hall, E. J. Yancy Annex; Electoral District #5:”

“In electoral district #5, we broke ground and initially made available US$500 & 100 bags of cement for the construction of a multipurpose women center in Sinyea; 2. We also made available L$35,000, 35 bags of cement and 2 bundles of Zinc for the completion of the women Center in Suakoko Town;3. We completed SKT motorcycle terminal;4. We renovated and furnished the Suakoko City Cooperation office, and then made available a pickup-truck for use by the city Cooperation;5. We provided one vehicle plus L$50,000 to Yellequelleh District to be used for ambulance services in meetingthe health needs of the people. 6. A multipurpose town hall project in Gbartala is nearing completion;7. Presented US$1,000 to the Lutheran Church during Phebe 100th-year anniversary celebration;8. Presented US$2,000 for the renovation of Cuttington Campus School;9. Provided US$500 to FKAYIEE for the construction of a bridge in the district; 10.  Solar lights Installed: Garyea-2, Belekarbolu-2, Yarwelleh-2, Nyanmue-2, Rennie Town-2, Gearmue-2, Vean-1, Dorkpalah-2, Nyansue-3, Gbondoi-3, Dolimue-2, Gweatamue-2, Balama-3, Gbarngata-2, Galai-2, Gleannisissue-1, Gbarnai-3, Pernagn-2, Voloblai-2, Taylorta-2,  .Total of 55 sets of solar lights across the district;11. We presented $100,000  to Team Moye in Gbartala;12. We donated 100 pieces of Plastic chairs to phebe community women;13.  Pengan Appreciation: L$15,000 to community plus 25 pieces of plastic chairs;14. Taylor town: L$15,000 plus 30 pieces plastic chairs; 35 plastic chairs to Galawulu Town; 15. Voloblai: L$20,000, 10 bundles of zinc, & L$100,000 for hall project;16. Pleelemue Apprecition: L$25,000; Garyea L$150,000; Duayeapolu L$25,000; Fornotoli L$150,00017. L$50,000 to Galinkormai School L$50,000 for town hall $75,000 for FOM L$15,000, Town women $25,000 for Town project;18. Gweatai 25 chairs; Galikormai 40 chairs, Garyea 25 chairs, pengi 25 chairs, Taylor town 50 chairs, Galamaita 19.  Constructed a public school in Gwenimah, and currently constructing 15 chairs a town hall;  1. Taylor town 50 chairs, Galamaita 2.  Constructed a public school in Gwenimah, and currently constructing 15 chairs a town hall;  Electoral District #4: 1. We completed a community town hall project in Gwaintayea;2. We also completed a town hall project in Shenkpowai.”

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