Liberia: Bea Mountain to Scale Down Operation in Cape Mount Due to Continued Protests and Encroachment of Concession Area

Matambo, Grand Cape Mount County – FrontPageAfrica has gathered that Bea Mountain Mining Corporation (BMCC) is about to scale down its operations owing to a wave of protests by aggrieved residents that have led to the destruction of the company’s properties worth millions of dollars and an the alleged silence of the Liberian Government over a complaint that a ‘Class B’ licensed company is encroaching on the company’s concession area.

The news comes as the company continues to undertake several development projects in Matambo and Grand Cape Mount County at large; ranging from provision of scholarships, financial aid to safe drinking water as part of its corporate social responsibilities. The latest is the completion of a 25 kilometer road worth US$100,000, for the first time, linking several communities including Gogoima, Tienie and Masakpa.

There are reports that the company had previously planned to construct a haul road to the process plant in New Liberty which would have provided more job opportunities to the area as well, but that plan is being put on hold.

“The company is not happy with the way things are going at the present moment. Too many protests that affect the company and the government’s failure to stop the Chinese company from operating on the Bea Mountain concession area,” a source privy to the company’s alleged decision told FrontPage Africa.

The source, requesting anonymity because he is not clothed with the authority to speak on behalf of the company continued: “Despite the numerus contribution the company is making in terms of employment, revenue generation, and other development, the company does not feel appreciated. And to make things worse, the government is not doing anything to stop the Chinese company with a Class B’ license from operating. The decision will surely affect many people.”

When contacted, the management did not respond up to time of publication. However, there have been complaints of a Chinese owned company with a ‘Class B’ license operating in the BMCC’s concession area. The alleged action violates the Mineral Development Agreement (MDA) between the Government and BMCC which is a “Class A’ licensed mining company. The Ministry is yet to respond to FPA’s inquiry.

The alleged encroachment, if authenticated, violates Section 6.8 of the MDA which states that, “The Government undertake not to grant any Class B Mining License in respect of the exploration and furthermore warrants that any and all mining operations taking place within the operation are under any Class C type licenses will not be allowed to interfere with or hinders the exploration and/or mining activity of the company.”

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