Liberia: Ailing Ruling Party Grass Root Member Calls on President Weah, Party’s Hierarchy for Help to Sustain Family

Paynesville – A die-hard member of the ruling Coalition for Democratic (CDC), Emil Michael Taylor has called on his first partisan, President George Weah, and the hierarchy of the CDC to support him continue his treatment and at the same time take care of his family.

Mr. Taylor, a diabetic, suffered hypotension and stroke in 2018 and was advised to seek advanced medication abroad, but because he was not able to underwrite the cost, he was compelled to seek treatment at local facilities in Liberia. As the result, his condition deteriorated and rendered him completely speechless. However, with the help of his wife, Emily Taylor, who has been by his side since he got sick, he is now on his feet but still suffers speech impairment and slow movement.

Taylor said he joined the Congress for Democratic Change and during the 2005 Presidential and Legislative Elections, he used to ride one of the party’s pilot motorbikes. He has with him pictures he took with President Weah (when he was a standard bearer) and CDC partisan’s ID Card.

“I am a die-hard member of the Mighty Congress for Democratic Change,” Taylor told this reporter in an exclusive interview that was conducted using text messages since he cannot speak clearly.

“I have been wishing to meet the President to ask him help me because it has not been easy since I got sick. My wife has been everything, providing food, rent, the children’s school fees and money for my treatment. I am tired sitting and unable to help because of my condition.”

Asked what he wants the President to do for him, Taylor displayed a letter he has written to President Weah; asking the President to buy him a tricycle, locally called keh-keh to use as source of income to help his wife take care of the family.

In the letter he wrote:

“I am Mr. Emil M. Taylor, married with five children… I have been sick from pressure, and it has led me deaf and dumb for a period over three years, which I am unable to do anything for living. It is just by the grace of God I am surviving because of financial difficulties, I am unable to take the treatment in order to stay healthy.

In view of the above, I am asking you as the President of the Republic of Liberia, a philanthropist, and as the standard bearer of the Mighty Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) to kindly help me buy a keke for me so my children can run it to enable me support my family and to also take care of my health condition.

Mr. President I am a very strong member of the CDC since 2005, I have a picture that you and I standing together. Despite I cannot talk or hear, but I have my phone that I can text, read and write messages to friends and family members.”

He can be reached on 0777576842/0886576842/0778324555

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