Liberia: AIIST Launches One-Month Free Tuition Training Program In Basic Computer Skills

The Africa International Institute of Science and Technology (AIIST) University College has officially launched one-month long free tuition training program in basic computer skills for personnel from key security agencies of government institutions in the country.

AIIST Vice President, Ishmael Conneh said 1,000 personnel from the Armed Forces of Liberia, the Liberia Drug Enforcement Agency, the Liberia National Police, the Liberia Immigration Service and the Liberia Land Authority.

Ishmael Conneh, Vice President for Administration, AIIST

Addressing a press conference in Monrovia, Mr. Conneh explained that the initiative is aimed equipping these state security officers with the latest digital skills.

According to him, the training represents the institution’s commitment in supporting President Joseph Boakai’s effort to reduce computer illiteracy and to empower the law enforcement officers and government employees with vital professional skills. 

The AIIST Vice President for Administration added that the decision to offer tuition free for 1,000 personnel of state is way of giving back to society and it is intended to make them knowledgeable digital world. 

Asked what does the institution hopes to benefit from the offer, Mr. Conneh replied that the benefit is that Liberia will have security force comprising of personalities who are computer literate and having the an appreciative  knowledge and skills about the information, communication and technology.

“The world is going digital and Liberia cannot not afford to  be left behind as the world is gradually shifting to artificial world,” he said; adding: “most of the fields are digital .

“Secondly,” he went on, “ our neighbors are fast growing in the digital sector and as soon as possible  in or order so we cannot be isolated in the information communication technology.”

“As the leading   institution  in digital training , we recognize the importance of digital literacy in enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency or our security and government workforce.”

“We believe that by providing these essential skills, we are not only aiding the individual professional development but also contributing to the broader goal of strengthening our national security and governance.”

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