Levels Lounge launch Sunrizer breakfast package

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Levels Lounge located in Kamwokya is one place that will offer you more than you want. From Bar, Restaurant, Spa, Salon and health club among others. Ever since the lockdown was introduced, the place has always hosted patrons in different sections. This was when Bars and other sections were closed. When the Government opened resutaurants, the place was ready to host patrons, when finally the Spa, Salon and Health Club were opened, the place was still waiting to host their clients.

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As bars remained closed, the management of levels decided to improve on their services and introduced another package to their Kitchen. Levels Kitchen introduced to its clients the Sunrizer Breakfast. According to management, the Sunrizer breakfast is just shs22,000 and it is heavy and healthy to make someone kickstart their money since it is served from 7am to 11am. Blessings who is the mamager of the kitchen said that the customers who are missing the Levels Lounge Bar should just adhere with the Government and when all this is done, they will return to the bar and resume with the fan.

During the launch, media from different houses were hosted and they had a taste of the Sunrizer breakfast buffet prepared by Chef Ali.

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On the other hand, Edith Heather who is the Health Club Manager reminded their customers that the Health Club and Spa opened on Saturday and is ready to host and offer services to their customers with ofcourse S.O.Ps being respected.

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