Lesley-Ann Brandt on staying connected this holiday season [video]

The South African-born Lucifer actress Lesley-Ann Brandt recently talked about staying connected to her loved ones this holiday season.

Lesley-Ann was one of the special guests on Zelle’s Holiday Spectacular presented by its host Karamo Brown.

The interview that took place earlier in December on IGTV, saw Karamo indulging in conversations with his special guests which includes Access Hollywood reporter Zuri Hall, and world-renowned choreographer Matt Steffanina, as well as the three winners of the Zelle Send Cheer contest. With help from his guests, Karamo discussed meaningful topics such as mental health and well-being, navigating family relationships, and helping your community thrive in manageable and meaningful ways.

A Christmas celebration

Lesley-Ann, who plays Maze on Lucifer, said that people should be reminded that the holidays can still be done – successfully – even though we are in the midst of an ongoing pandemic.

“In this year that has been so uncertain, and we have a deadly virus, that’s my priority [referring to her three-year-old son and her family]. He [my son] told me I am his best friend in the whole world.”

She says that she has been coping throughout this year by focusing on her family and then of course, fitness.

“Fitness is very important — it has been part of my life. When you get your blood flowing and your endorphins going…it is a good way for you to keep going and get yourself out of the rut. Working out with my trainer keeps me going and my family of course.”

Staying connected

Lesley-Ann, who was born and raised in Cape Town, Mitchell’s Plain, emigrated with her family to Auckland, New Zealand in 1999. She says that during the 2020 holidays season, she has also been catching up on some reading.

“I don’t always have time for that to be honest with my busy work schedule. I have also gone back to my South Africa teenage roots where you are in the kitchen…cooking…I’ve been exploring my cookbooks. My husband has been enjoying that a lot.”

She says they have also been binge-watching various television shows.

Karamo then asks Lesley-Ann that he desperately needs a South African cookbook from her. Lesley-Ann agrees to send him some recipes, before saying that she is so grateful for technology in order for her to stay connected to her family that is mainly based in New Zealand now.

Technology and old school letters

“My parents Face Time with us for an hour almost every week. We just sit. We do not have to be doing anything. It is incredibly hard, I will say, to not be around them during this time. But, it is technology. I’ve been writing old school letters to my friends as well. I think it takes a little bit more effort.”

Lesley-Ann goes on to say that she does three things every day to keep the ‘festive cheer’ alive and practice gratitude.

“I do something in service of myself, I do something in service of someone else and then something in service of my career.”

She goes on to say that she has been trying her best to support small businesses as well throughout this year, and have been really trying to connect to people more.

A ‘pivot party’

She also says that pivot’ is her word of 2020, find out why at the 04:00 minute mark down here.