Lekki Massacre: There Can Be No Peace Without Justice By Buhari Olanrewaju Ahmed

Buhari Olanrewaju Ahmed
Buhari Olanrewaju Ahmed

Nigeria was built on a deceitful foundation, and all things woven around that deceit have now crumbled. Nigerians have been battling with sorrows and tears. We have not succeeded in attaining a peaceful moment as a people under a democratic dispensation.

Like all dictators, bloodshed and bullet-firing are the only economic response that the Buhari regime can offer as a response to genuine questions and cries.

Buhari Olanrewaju Ahmed

Our actions and inactions are subjugated into the journey of no mercy by the heartless people in power; whereas we’ve inflicted a burden that has crippled our bones and strength to fight back against injustice for many years out of the fear of the unknown.

General Muhammadu Buhari cannot deny people’s freedom and still mute them from talking. The power belongs to the people, without whom his repressive government will be useless even to himself.

Gone are the days when the right and freedom of expression were restricted or denied. We are currently operating a democratic system of government where all rights are equal. People should not be intimidated while expressing their opinions.

Using force on peaceful demonstrators won’t solve the problem. In a country where the government gives bandits and Boko Haram terrorists VIP treatment despite the crimes they have committed against humanity. It must be recalled that it was these same terrorists who kidnapped 12 police officers last week, not to mention the unspeakable atrocities they have committed and continue to commit.

The impunity going on in Nigeria is beyond control. People have every right to protest; it is the responsibility of the government to protect the people that are protesting against the hoodlums who may want to use the opportunity to loot people’s properties.

But reverse is the case in Nigeria. Same government officials are the ones hiring the hoodlums to disrupt the peaceful protest and turn it into violence.

General Muhammadu Buhari who protested against Goodluck Jonathan’s government without intimidation or harassment is now tormenting people for protesting against his terrible policies and unprecedented incompetence.

Nigeria under General Buhari is on the verge of burning down, and those who ought to save the country from burning down are the ones fuelling it to burn.

General Muhammadu Buhari’s threats cannot stop any peaceful protest. Throughout history, dictators like General Buhari have never had a good ending. Where is Gaddafi of Libya? Where is Idi Amin of Uganda?  Where is Yahaya Jammeh of Gambia? Where is Mobutu Seseko of Zaire? Where is Charles Taylor of Liberia? Their wickedness and political terrorism had an expiry date.

The vagabonds in power should stop seeing protesters as their enemies. They find it difficult to meet protester’s demands, yet hold endless meetings with Boko Haram and bandits that have rendered innocent people hopeless.

To General Muhammadu Buhari, killing and kidnapping people in the North is a norm and traditional way of maintaining peace and stability, while staging a protest in the South is treasonous.

No matter how fast a lie runs, truth will certainly overtake it, expose and disgrace it. Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu denied ordering soldiers to the Lekki Tollgate. The soldiers also denied going to the scene.

But after thorough investigation, the Soldiers before the panel testified that they got the order from the Governor to be at the scene after the Nigerian police had been overpowered. They also denied using live bullets on the protesters.

But the investigation conducted by CNN has clearly established what every Nigerian already knew, except the liars and criminals in power. Till this moment, Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu is yet to respond to the investigation.

There is no debate now about Nigeria being a leaderless country, for we only have hyenas who parade themselves as leaders – people who have no respect for the sanctity of human lives. Let it be remembered by General Buhari and his gang that Nigeria cannot have peace without justice!



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Buhari Olanrewaju Ahmed

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