‘Legal meeting’: Will Amanda du Pont and Jub Jub settle out of court?

Amanda du Pont and television personality Jub Jub are reportedly scheduled to have a meeting via their legal representatives today (13 December) following rape allegations made by the actress recently.


Amanda du Pont accused Jub Jub of raping her for the duration of two years. This was after he claimed he “smashed” her on an episode of Podcast And Chill.

“So, no you didn’t smash me. You forcefully opened my legs and you forced yourself on me numerous times for two years. The most painful part of all of this was that I was a virgin.

“I told Jub Jub at the time that I was a virgin. I planned to be a virgin until the time I got married,” said an emotional Amanda in a video posted on Instagram. 

Jub Jub is reportedly suing Amanda and his other accusers – Masechaba Khumalo and Refilwe Khumalo for defamation of character. While the actress reportedly opened a rape case against the Uyajola 9/9 host.

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City Press reports that Amanda and Jub Jub are scheduled to have a meeting together. This will be through their legal representatives. The meeting is to clear the air and discuss a way of settling without going to court.

Jub Jub is reportedly represented by Advocate Barry Roux because he could not secure the services of top lawyer Dali Mpofu.

“Jub Jub’s lawyer sent a letter to Amanda’s legal team saying that she must stop posting anything about him. He also said they must meet and see if they can’t settle this matter without going to court,” said a source to City Press.

The source claimed Roux wants to get into the details of how true the allegations are but — he will go for the accusers individually if the matter goes to court. Amanda allegedly visited Jub Jub in prison more than five times.

“Things were revealed, including allegations that Amanda visited Jub Jub in prison more than five times. So, to avoid a lengthy and dramatic interrogation in a public court of law – it will be in everyone’s best interests to have this meeting,” said a source to City Press.

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