Lawmakers must dialogue in Cape Mount ….citizen appeals

A resident of Cape Mount County, in Gugoema, where the violent protest took place last week,  Mr. Victor Massaquoi is calling on lawmakers from the county and other counties to seek ways to resolve the matter rather than continues protest.

Mr. Massaquoi told journalists last week in Cape Mount.  He said, it is true that the company has some issues, but there are ways in addressing it.

According to him, he was once threatened by his own citizens when he attempted to speak about the issue.

“I was once attacked and threatened that my house will be burned down, and they will kill me” he explained.

He is not against any peaceful protest, but when it becomes violent, then it creates problem.

Mr. Massaquoi once worked for Bea Mountain, but was redundant. He was redundant, but decided to establish his shop, which he considers as his company.

Currently, business is slow. But when the company is operating smoothly, business can go well.

“These few days, business is not ok because people have the fear to leave their houses to come and buy” he lamented.

With respect to attack on the police, he said, it was not good. But added, the police should see us as part of them and they are to protect us.

He proposed that the citizens should give the chance to their lawmakers to have a round table discussion with the company to address their job needs and working conditions.

“The officers are not our enemies, but are there to protect lives and properties” he explained.

Last week, protest took place at the mines which left to the death of one person, according to  the police.

According to the protestors, the company refused to adhere to their 31-point petition. In it, they called for the removal of a Liberian to replace with a citizen from Cape Mount County, reinstatement of the Community Relations manager, the reinstatement of the Government Relations, Sando Whyne, the construction of vocational Center among others.

But according to the company, Mr. Henry Vincent (community Relations officer) was fired because he incited citizens against the company.  For Mr. Whyne, he was dismissed for alleged criminal activities.

The protest led to the destruction of company’s properties and burring of peaceful citizens homes and the death of one person.

Mr.  Boakai Lansannah Terafero, who contested against Representative Dosi in the just-ended 2023 presidential and legislative elections home was set on fire by the protestors.

Some citizens are blaming their lawmaker of escalating the protest. “From the time we been holding protest here, this is the first time for someone to die. This is not good at all. All our protest them, can go on between we and the company and the police will chase us and later, we will go on round table to talk,”  Sampson T. Kiade said.

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