January 18, 2021


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Last minute changes to BBI report: no term limit for Governors, no degree for MCA, CDF to stay, IEBC, Judiciary

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By Ronoh Kipchumba Cornely

In the BBI Constitution Amendment Bill being launched , the following amendments have been made

✅ IEBC Commissioners to be appointed by a selection panel not political parties

✅ Judiciary Ombudsman to be appointed by Chief Justice not the President

✅ Judiciary Fund to be allocated 1.5% of National Revenue as a First Charge to the Consolidated Fund

✅ National Police Service Commission retained and National Police Council abolished

✅ National Government Constituency Development Fund entrenched in the constitution

✅ No requirement for Governors to pick running mate of opposite gender

✅ Term limit for Governors removed

✅ Ward Development Fund increased from 5% to 15%

✅ Requirement for MCAs to have degrees scrapped

✅ Senate to have exclusive decision over the County Allocation of Revenue Act (CARA)

✅ Stabilisation Funds for Coffee, Tea, Milk, Rice, Horticulture and Sugar entrenched in the constitution.