Lady Narrates How Her “Married” Husband Of Eight Years Beat Her With His Wife

A lady has take to Facebook to narrate the craziest story about her eight years marriage. The lady who preferred to be kept anonymous disclosed how she did several abortions for her husband of eight years because he kept telling her they were not ready for a baby.

According to her, she has lost count of the number of kids she has aborted for her husband. She furthered that an argument between she and her husband ended up revealing that her husband was married to another woman for 10 years and had three children with her.

Read her full story below;

Confessions… #Part927… “my married husband and his wife beat me w33w33″

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Hello, hello admin, post this as anonymous in the page. I know some people will find this funny but what i am thinking and feeling is not funny at all, not one bit. I don’t even know where to start from but i feel stupid, please i am very confused and crying as i type this to you and the group members. So Admin, my husband and i have been together for almost 8 years now. We’ve done the traditional engagement and struggling to save for the church wedding.

During this whole time, he told me he is allergic to condoms so we don’t use protection. He said they itch his skin and it becomes sore, this has made me to do alot of abortions for him because we have unprotected sex,i stopped counting the numbers of babies I’ve flushed for him after a sometime. The way he likes to sex me paaaaa, he can go about four times a day but every time i get pregnant he says we don’t have money so we can have children yet. What i don’t understand is that, we practically live together o sister Josephine but he works in construction so sometimes he goes away to work depending on where the job comes from.

Lastnight he started behaving odd, like he was worried and distant. I tried to get him to talk to me in the end he slapped me to stop bothering him and leave him to think. It was the first time he hit me so me in that moment i slapped him too, in fact i slapped him twice because i didn’t do anything wrong and i was just showing concern, why did he have to hit me? He didn’t say anything after that apart from herh Ama mi na wabo mi bi no. He didn’t talk to me again and went to stay with his friend.

This morning, a woman came to the house to look for me and she abuse me verbally that i am ashawo and trying to steal her husband from her. We only exchanged words because i didn’t understand what she was saying and also defending myself o, how can i steal a married man from his wife? Then my husband came with a neighbour to stand with her against me. Admin, the way they beat me, i have never been beaten like that before it was by the grace of God and the neighbours who came to save me 😭😭.

Please help me i need advice, the woman told my neighbour she’s been married to my husband for 10 years and they have 3 children and what pains me the most is that after beating me, he left with her and has refused to answer my calls or respond my texts. Why are some people so wicked i don’t want to believe this is happening to me. So he was married and he came for me to waste my time, so he wasn’t allergic to condoms all were lies. Please advise me, i want to leave this place but i don’t have anywhere to go. my family don’t like him from the start but he had money so they let engagement go on. i don’t have friends he stopped me from keeping my friends because he said they were bad influence on me and are advising me badly. Hmmmmmm so i was a side chick for almost years my head is spinning, my heart is broken, i can’t stop crying.”

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