Kisoro Elderly Demand UGX 560 Million in SAGE Arrears


More 560 million Ugandan shillings is being demanded by the elderly in Kisoro district who registered with the Social Assistance Grant for Empowerment (SAGE).

The elders say they missed payment throughout the two-year period of Covid-19.

Senior Community Development Officer in charge of SAGE Christopher Mugisha says Kisoro district has more than 2,500 elderly persons who were registered to benefit from the Government program.

SAGE is a social transformation programme in which Government hands out cash to old persons aged 80 years and above. The money is meant to help them meet their basic needs.

Mugisha says each beneficiary is meant to get at least 75,000 Ugandan shillings for three months which is paid once at the end of the quarter, amounting to 225,000 Ugandan shillings.

Mugisha says that SAGE beneficiaries in Kisoro district did not receive any money during the entire Covid-19 Lockdown period that lasted two years.

“At the time Government was very clear on the importance of not having Ugandans gathering in large numbers, and so it became practically impossible to give these old people any money during that time”, Mugisha explained

Mugisha says Government is preparing to release the funds that should have been paid back then.


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