Kisii Deputy Governor, Joash Maangi, questioned during death inquest

Kisii Deputy Governor Joash Maangi appeared in a Narok Law Court to answer questions about the circumstances surrounding the deaths of two people who died in an accident that occurred in Olulunga area last year.

Maangi was one of the key witnesses in the case as he was seated at the back left of the government Land Cruiser at the time of the accident.

His bodyguard, who was seated in the front seat and the driver, also testified.

During the questioning, Maangi told the Narok Court Resident Magistrate Daniel Ngayo they had left his Kisii residence at around 3:30 pm for Nairobi on February 17, 2021 driving at an estimated speed of between 90 and 100 kilometres per hour.

The trio had just passed Olulunga Centre and at around 6:40 pm, they descended on a sloppy area where their vehicle had a head-on collision with a motorcycle that was joining the highway from a feeder road.

Due to the impact, the motorbike rider and an eight-year-old child died on the spot.

“This was an accident, lives were lost and I send my sympathies to the family if present in court,” Maangi said.

He added that his driver was saved by the vehicle’s airbags as he had been hit on the chest by the direct impact.

His driver said the accident caught him by surprise as the speeding rider did not stop to ensure the road was clear before joining the main road.

Their vehicle was hit and dented on the front right only to be torched by an irate mob 30 minutes later.

Ngayo said the inquest would continue on May 12, 2022.

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