Kenyans asked to leave war-torn Ukraine

Kenyans in Ukraine have been asked to instantly evacuate or be on high alert.

The Kenyan consulate in Austria, Vienna, which is nearest to Ukraine, on Friday advising its citizens to move out of the embattled nation until instructed otherwise.

“Following the escalating tensions and the attack on Ukranian territory by the Russian Federation on 24th February, all Kenyans living or studying in Ukraine are hereby advised to urgently consider leaving Ukraine and stay away until further notice.

“Those willing to stay are strongly advised to exercise increased caution,” the presser read in part.

In addition, the Embassy asked Kenyans in Ukraine to get in touch through the telephone number: +4317123919 or email: [email protected], [email protected], for any emergency purposes.

They can also contact the Kenyan Consulate in Ukraine via +38 (044) 229 79 13 or [email protected]

At the same time, a group of Kenyan students studying in Ukraine have appealed for assistance to evacuate even as war drums intensify.

The students are appealing to Kenya’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs to assist them get emergency visas to enable them enter Poland.

The developments came shortly after Russian President Vladimir Putin embarked on a military offensive in Ukraine, on Thursday 24, 2022.

Explosions and missiles lent the air eliciting tension across Ukraine after weeks long intense diplomacy and sanctions imposed by the West failed to convince the Russian President to stop warring.

Russia has been adamant that NATO’s expansion eastward has to cease while at the same time disapproving Ukranian membership to the military alliance led by the United States.

Putin had assembled at least 200,000 troops along the Ukrainian borders before launching the vicious attack.

In an emotional national address, Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy warned that the war would be a “catastrophe.”


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