November 24, 2020


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“Kenyan promoters should get serious!” Richy Haniel weighs in recent flopped concerts

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Richard Haniel Mashua, known to many as Richy Haniel, has faulted event promoters for the flopped events in the last 2 months where artists refused to go on stage despite being in the venue. Also read: How Richy Haniel is helping upcoming artists and DJs fulfill their dreams Speaking exclusively to Ghafla, Richy Haniel, who is the brains behind the biggest YouTube music channel in Kenya, explained that the people who were behind Gengetone Festival and NaiFest were newcomers. As such, it was almost certain that they would face challenges because they do not know much about events planning neither do they have enough connections. Richy Haniel went on to add that most promoters are shady and it was right for the artists not to go on stage because the former will get used to them. “They can’t perform. These promoters will assure you that they will pay you after the event but they won’t. If you go on stage without getting money and start looking for the promoter after they event, they don’t pick calls,” he said. According to him, dubious promoters are the reason why artists who are from outside the country ask for the full pay even before they land. I also asked him about Richy Haniel musical journey and he told me that he released his first song in 2012 but it was not until 2015 that he started doing music professionally. He has around 10 songs to date. You’ve probably heard his jam with Mbogi Genje dubbed Wamocho. He told this writer that the Kidungi hitmakers have been his acquaintances for a long time so he just pitched the idea to them and they agreed to work together. Later on, they asked Mejja to drop a verse and that is how Wamocho was born. They…

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