Kenya Police alarmed by increase of cases of ‘Mob Justice’ in the country.


Thursday, November 24, 2022 – The Kenya Police has raised alarm over the increase of cases of mob justice in the country.

For the last few months, Kenyans have taken the law into their own hands by killing criminals instead of taking them to the police where they will be prosecuted and jailed.

Police spokesperson Resila Onyango said that some of the victims who were targeted in the attacks were later found to be innocent after they were caught up in confusion.

“Mob lynching is criminal and we have taken action on some of the incidents and arrested those behind the same,” she said.

She advised that those arrested over claims of stealing be surrendered to authorities for processing.

Officials say the public resort to such actions for lack of trust in police or out of desperation for increased crime.

Onyango said they plan a civic education programme to address the menace.

This comes in the wake of increased deployment of undercover detectives in the city, as police take steps to destabilize criminal gangs that regroup after general elections.


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