Kenya Kwanza will be a coalition of parties, Mudavadi says


ANC Party Leader Musalia Mudavadi has clarified that Kenya Kwanza Alliance will be a coalition of parties, not a coalition political party.

Mudavadi says there is still a window period of up to 9th of May, 2022 for Kenya Kwanza to formalize its agreement and deposit it with the Registrar of Political Parties.

He said that the lawyers of various political parties that form the Kenya Kwanza Alliance are busy fine tuning a number of areas that require deep and thorough scrutiny ahead of the official signing and presentation of the Kenya Kwanza Alliance agreement. 

The ANC boss further said that more parties are on the way to join the Kenya Kwanza outfit, noting that the entry of the Democratic Party of Kenya, DP, is a sign of how Kenya Kwanza is getting stronger and stronger on the ground.

Mudavadi who met grassroot leaders and aspirants from Makadara, Kamkunji and Starehe Constituencies, in his 5th day of engagement with Kenya Kwanza leaders in Nairobi, has also called on the government to stop harassing Kenyans to undertake the fresh registration of their sim cards, claiming that the government already has Kenyans details in their databases.

Mudavadi now wants the fresh registration of exercise of SIM cards halted. 

Mudavadi has warned that the move might be triggered towards arm twisting the course of the August 9th General Elections.

He further took a swipe at NCIC, on its ban on the usage of popular political jargons in the name of taming rise of hate speech ahead of election. 

Mudavadi says NCIC has overstretched its mandate by claiming that certain names amount to hate speech, yet the names are commonly used in the day-to -day interactions by Kenyans.

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