Kenya joins the world in marking World NGO Day 2022

Kenya is Sunday joining the world in marking World NGO Day 2022.

World NGO Day is an international day dedicated to recognize, celebrate and honour all non-governmental and nonprofit organizations, and the people behind them that contribute to the society all year around.

The days is to also inspire people to become more actively involved within NGO sector and encourage a greater symbiosis between NGOs and both the public and private sector.

Around 89 countries and 6 continents engage in the World NGO Day celebration. Most European countries, for instance  Poland, Russia, Norway, Sweden, Belarus, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania celebrate the day with great enthusiasm and joy.

The theme of World NGO Day 2021 was ‘Celebrate, Commemorate, Collaborate, Donate’.

This year, the Work NGO Day’s theme is yet to be declared.

As part of this year’s 2022 World NGO Day annual event, the NGOs Council of Kenya have organized a national dialogue to discuss the role of NGOs and other Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in peace, free and fair electoral process and socioeconomic development in Kenya.


The World NGO (Non-Governmental Organisations) Day assumed its official status when 12-member countries of the IX Baltic Sea NGO Forum on April 17, 2010 formally recognised it. In 2012, the forum’s Final Statement Resolution adopted the day.

Although the day was recognised officially in 2010, it was only in 2014, that for the first time World NGO Day was observed by the United Nations. The main man behind this day was Marcis Liors Skadmanis, an UK-based social entrepreneur. He inaugurated the 2014 World NGO Day. It was hosted in Helsinki, Finland by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland.

The day was conceived to spread awareness of the tremendous contributions of NGOs all around the world and honour the relentless efforts of the social workers both in the public and private sectors.


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