Keep quiet and enjoy your retirement if you have nothing new to say – Stephen Kwaku Asare tells Amidu

A Fellow at Centre for Democratic Development (CDD-Ghana) has admonished former Special Prosecutor Martin Amidu for the allegations against his life.

Professor Stephen Kwaku Asare has asked Mr Amidu to come clear on his allegations or be quiet.

“These threats to say things, if he is pushed, is not on,” the man popularly known as Prof Azar said in a facebook post.

The Accounting professor’s comment follows the back and forth between government and the Special Prosecutor regarding the latter’s retirement.

The Special Prosecutor in a leaked interview revealed that he had received threats of armed robbery attacks and arson following his findings on the Agyapa Royalties deal.

Contrary to an initial decision not to grant any press interviews about his resignation, Ghana’s first Special Prosecutor in an interview with journalist Umaru Sanda said he will be compelled to speak out if the attacks on his life persist.

“…and the response will not be palatable,” he said.

Mr Amidu said he has earned his good name by dint of hard work and will not keep quiet for some people to defame him.

The former Attorney General said he will go every length to keep his integrity intact.

Reacting to this, Professor Asare has asked Mr Amidu to remain quiet if he has nothing new to tell Ghanaians about his resignation.

“If he [Amidu] has something to say he should say it. If he does not have anything to say he should enjoy his retirement,” Prof. Azar said.

Meanwhile, government has ordered the IGP to provide a 24/7 police protection for Mr Amidu.