Keep off Migori politics, voters warn Mbadi

Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party chair John Mbadi has been told to keep off Migori politics should the party want support from the region.

Mbadi has been receiving a lot of criticism from voters in Migori County where he is being accused of interfering with nomination outcomes.

The party chair is suspected to be liaising with Migori county ODM party officials to favour some leaders in the region.

Recent castigation comes after the ODM National Election Board nullified the nomination results of several wards in Migori County, among them being Central Kanyamkago Ward, in Uriri Constituency.

While staging a demonstration in protest to nullification of Central Kanyamkago results, voters said that they smell foul-play placing blame on Mbadi.

They caution that the strategy the party is using of recalling back party tickets from the people’s desired aspirants will see the party losing ground support.

The fuming voters swore to vote for Deputy President William Ruto’s outfit, United Democratic Alliance (UDA), should their grievances not be addressed.

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