Kathy Hilton on ‘This is Paris’ doccie: ‘It put me in such depression’

American reality star Kathy Hilton told Andy Cohen she was put into depression after watching her daughter, Paris Hilton’s documentary This is Paris via his SiriusXM radio show on Wednesday 5 January. 


Kathy Hilton opened up about how she felt after watching her daughter, Paris Hilton’s documentary This is Paris. She admitted to not wanting to see the documentary that premiered in September 2020. This was because Paris spoke about her time at the controversial Provo Canyon School.

Paris previously testified to being abused at the boarding school and made other shocking revelations about her time there.

“It was too much after watching just the clips and promos … ’cause you could imagine me just finding out [about the abuse],” said Kathy. 

“I’m not one of those people, ‘Oh this is about me’ — it’s not about me. But yeah, it really was so devastating. … For her to keep that in for 20 years,” she continued.

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Kathy revealed that she watched the documentary after Paris told her how important it was to her. She went on to say that they held hands while watching and Paris was happy and relieved. 

“I said to her finally a few weeks ago, and then when I went to Washington with her, I said, ‘I’m just not ready to watch it.’ So when we got back, I did watch it, and we held hands,” said Kathy. 

“We held hands for an hour watching this thing, and just the energy that I was feeling from her and how relieved and happy that she was that I was watching,” she continued.

Kathy also explained that she and her husband Richard Hilton only sent Paris to boarding school to keep her from sneaking off to clubs. They thought they were helping their daughter but did not know the toll it would take on her in the long run.

“A lot of people understood that [we were] trying to help our daughter. We were trying to save Paris. I’m not that strict … we were worried,” continued Kathy.

“She was living in New York. She was sneaking out and sometimes didn’t come back home for three days, not going to school. So we put her in this boarding school, in this one, in this one. Gotta keep her away from the city and all these predators and people that wanted her to model,” she added.

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