Karun opens up on abuse in new EP and bouncing back

Karun opens up on abuse in new EP and bouncing back

Fresh from partnering with Spotify in its COLORSxSTUDIOS project, multi-hyphenate artiste, Miss Karun has released her latest project A’ Nu, where she opens up on healing from abuse.

The 7-track R&B EP was produced during a residency in Switzerland as a follow-up project to the single “Pen and Paper”. The EP which is soulful and meditative, as Karun prefers to describe her sound, consists of records such as “A’ Nu” (French word for bare), “Reason”, “How Far”, “Wondering Why”, which are heavily influenced by her emotion experiences.

It’s in “How Far”, where Karun shares her confession from a healed heart as she finally looks back on abuse for what it is.

Karun writes reflective lyrics over the melancholy piano, from a perspective of understanding what she’s been through and questioning how far she’s willing to push herself to tolerate mistreatment before it’s too much.

“My music at its core is meditative, I use music as a spiritual practice. It helps me and then when the product is made I hope it helps whoever is listening to it,” Karun explained to COLORS on her thought process for creating the music she does.

In her COLORS SHOW performance, Karun performed “Only You”, in an ode to a past lover, a feeling that most, if not all, are familiar with. “I hope to keep discovering who I am and just being fiercely myself in whatever medium that is. So, music is what I’m doing right now, and I hope it kind of just gets a bit more powerful,” Karun added on COLORS.

The singer, who considers herself as an alte-artist because of her alternative sound, says she is happy with the growth of the Kenyan music compared to ten years ago.

“We have a lot more alternative artists, a lot more artistes kind of experimenting with different sounds and that’s good to see.”

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